Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Gracias, Merci, Thank You!

Wow, you guys! I wasn't even planning to mention my birthday before Mandy the hijacker wrote her way too kind post. By the looks of the pictures, she hacked into my Flickr account too. Good thing I love her, or I'd totally be disowning her right now. But as for eating in my bathroom...well, I say that's just a testament to my really clean bathroom. Go me!

But she, and you all, said the sweetest things, and between the comments here, on Facebook, and on twitter and text, you guys left me feeling like the bees knees all day long yesterday! It was a great feeling to have, and it's been a while since I felt so loved. Thank you!!!!! I've always known how blessed I was to have made so many friends through this blog, but I really felt it yesterday. You guys rock! You had me laughing and crying with all the sweet things you said. I have loved being on this ride with you all.

Yesterday was a good day...the kids let me sleep in reasonably late (Meaning 8 am), and we just lazed around until Mara came over with some amazing Tijuana Flats and my very favorite cookies. Then I saw my mom and grandma, and then John came over to wrangle the kids while I went out with three of my wonderful friends to The Melting Pot.


And I love me some Melting Pot! It is one of my very favorites, so it was super great of Mara to plan it, and to come out with me without baby Nora just two weeks after she was born! Thanks, Nora, for being such a laid back kid and letting your mom leave you at home. You rock. 

So I'm 28 now. If you had told me on my 27th birthday that by the time I turned 28 I would be divorced, I would have never believed it. It's crazy how fast this year has flown and all the things that have happened. But things are looking up. Don't get me wrong...there are still plenty of things that are insanely stressful, but a good handful of things are really positive right now. If only money was one of them, right? I'm thinking of moving to a commune somewhere where I can trade green beans for rent. Joking! I could never grow green beans.

Overall, though, this year has been good for me. I am a stronger, happier, more capable person now. One of the biggest issues I personally struggled with during my marriage was my temper, and John and I have gotten into some arguments lately that would have sent me through the roof in the past, and they just...haven't. It's not that I'm disconnected or writing our discussions off, it's that I've actually learned to have a disagreement without wanting to take someone out. It's pretty thrilling to me, concrete proof of progress I made. No matter who I end up with, this was a skill I had to learn.

That's kind of an awesome birthday present, actually. Especially when you add in the cookies and everything else. Good friends, good family, good kids. Good life. Thanks so much for being a part of it!

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