Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Family time

We've hung out around the house for most of today...the kids had waffles with nutella for breakfast. Seth is not the neatest eater. I keep a hose out back to clean him up after meals. 



Speaking of the stubborn wonder, though, I'm beginning to think he's speech issues are definitely based in his own little psyche. When we were at the store yesterday, the kid told me no less then three times "I need that!" while pointing and panting frantically at whatever random item he had fallen in love with. 

Yeah. Selective speech, my friends. It's worth pointing out that the big kids were at the pool with my mom, so he had undivided mommy time. Could have something to do with it. But he's been talking up a storm this weekend...I think we might be on the cusp of something big! I appreciate all the tips you guys left so much...we'll definitely be putting lots of them into play!

The new two year old also had his official check up today and overall things look good. He's in the 70th percentile for weight and the 85th for height, which I'm thrilled with. He's a healthy kid, although he is definitely headed off for a repeat visit with the neurologist thanks to his persistent balance and one sided weakness issues. His pediatrician's only concern was that we get to the root of that, and I can deal with one concern. One concern is great! I can deal with one specialist...to think he started out with seven in the beginning...this is good news!

Someone else hit a special milestone today...


Evany had her first taste of solid food. Well, baby oatmeal, which isn't really solid, or a food. I haven't had much luck with baby cereal for any of the kids but thought I'd try it again. She's been howling at us when we eat in front of her and drooling up a storm, so the signs of readiness were definintely there. 

She hated the cereal, basically, despite her expression in that picture. I think she was smiling because she had managed to spit out almost the entire bite. She is only 6 months adjusted, though, so there's plenty of time. I think she might have a little tongue thrust reflex going on, too. In time it'll fall into place...my kids tend to be a little older before they get into food. Evany is so chubby and happy I know I don't need to stress about her caloric intake!

In the meantime, Ava and Jace have been spending the past few days as the biggest couch potatoes in the world.


They wake up in the morning and the first thing Ava does is hook up the Wii and find a good kids show to start the day. She is kind of a whiz with the wii. I had no idea she'd figure it out so fast! I set up some kid shows for them in the instant queue when we set up the streaming video, but Ava has branched out and now goes hunting for her own viewing material. She always picks appropriate stuff for the most part, although she and Jace have been wanting to watch Mythbusters and Dirty Jobs a lot. 

They they curl up on the couch with a blanket and believe me, if I let them, they would stay there all day. It's a lot of lazing, but we only have five weeks left of summer, so I've promised myself that I'd let them veg out if that's what they wanted to do. We'll be on a non stop crazy schedule soon enough, and they usually spend the afternoon crafting it up and playing outside, so we're staying pretty well balanced around here. 

And now I'm exhausted. Good night!
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