Thursday, July 22, 2010

Speak Easy

So I need anyone that has any speech ideas to jump in here...please!

I happen to have a very stubborn, newly two year old boy.  Who has cochlear implants. Who refuses to talk for most people.

I'm stressing boy because I feel like Seth embodies a lot of the stereotypical "boy" traits...independent, stubborn, quiet, mechanical, physical.

I have a list of over fifty words and phrases that both I and Seth's therapist have heard him say.

He can talk. If he wants to. 

I have never met a kid quite like Seth. He will not, under almost any circumstances, mimic or imitate a sound. He can understand it, will nod and let me or someone else know that they're doing it correctly, but will not do it himself. Receptively, he is well above his age level...he listens and follows directions well. When asked, he'll point out the correct animal or item from a group. He'll go get a toy when it's verbally described to him (Go get the puzzle, go get the blue bear) without gestures.

He just won't freaking talk!

It's making me crazy. We're in a rut with speech and I am desperate for Seth to get re-engaged with his voice. At home or in groups of people he knows, he'll babble and talk when he initiates it. But he's an extremely shy and reserved little boy and it takes him a long time to warm up to people.  As soon as anyone tries to get him to verbally respond to them (by saying "Seth, say hi! Seth, can you say _______?"), he shuts down and hides his face or just looks at them like they don't get it.

I don't mean to make it sound like he's mute. He's not. He called out for his therapist today and said her name, and we've been hearing a lot of "Noooo!" as is typical of a two year old. But I feel like we're missing a link somewhere, that I'm missing something that will make Seth want to talk.  Two year olds are supposed to pick up a new work every day and we are not there.

We're nowhere near there.

So any tips anyone has about kids and speech and maybe some out of the box ideas...I want to hear them! You don't need to be a professional...any experience is welcome. I feel like I'm stuck in a rut and my brain isn't working to think my way out of it. I feel like we've done it all, tried it all, and my kid is the most stubborn child in the world.

So. Discuss. Please. =)
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