Saturday, July 10, 2010

Taste in TV

I know I mentioned it on Twitter recently, but I cancelled our cable. Tightening our belts and all of that. We kept the internet, though, and so we've been able to watch streaming Netflix thanks to the Wii. It has a strange assortment of movies and shows on it, some old, some new, and some just plain weird. But we've been getting our television fix that way.

And we're now, every one of us, Evany included, obsessed with Cake Boss.

I wish I was joking.

First thing in the morning, the kids get up and say "Can we watch Cake Boss now?!" We just finished a Cake Boss marathon before bed. They made a cake into The Leaning Tower of Pisa.

A cake.

When I make a cake, I struggle to frost it without the cake crumbs coming through. I am not an impressive baker. Two layers is about all I can manage, and that's pushing it.

But now I am obsessed with cakes. A squirrel hopped out of my van today and I thought "I wonder what they would use to make a squirrel, fondant or modeling chocolate?" I wonder what a cake covered in poppy seeds (so that it looks like dirt, or something) actually tastes like. I wonder if they worry about the taste of the cake at all, or if it's all about the fancy schmancy sculpting and effects.

I've heard Jace very clearly twice now use the phrase "You'se Guys." Ava is begging for a zombie cake for her birthday. Seth watched part of an episode today and promptly jumped up, opened the refrigerator, and started collecting ingredients to mix together (A tub of suger and a cup of yogurt).

I really need to get my kids addicted to something else...we have three birthdays coming up and I do not need the Cake Boss to be where the bar is set for Birthday cakes. I need a low, low bar.

What shows do you get just a little too addicted to? Extra points if they're on Netflix!!!

Ok, now I'm hungry. I'm off to make some pudding.
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