Thursday, August 12, 2010

How we Roll

What to do when your kids take up your entire van?

Why, put your gear up on top, of course!


This isn't my van, it belongs to my next door neighbors, who also have four kids of their own. One day both of our rides were just too packed with people and stuff and there was no room for the little boys' bikes, so they got thrown up on top for the (slow, careful) ride home. 

It's just how we roll in the hood. 

Personally, I think the boys were pretty lucky we didn't make them ride home on their bikes on the van. 

On second thought, they probably would have loved that. (Although the tech in me would obviously never, ever allow that. It would make a funny picture though, I have to admit.)

I find the more kids I have and the older they get, the more odd the things I do in every day life get. Before kids, if you'd have asked if I'd transport a Christmas Tree in the back of a truck with all of it's decorations intact or thrown a couple of tricycles on top of a van, I'd have laughed and said that was crazy. 

But now I know the's all about keeping things as simple as possible. I could have taken all the decorations off our tree before we moved it, but then I'd just have had to decorate it again, and who wants to do that? And we could have made two trips home from the park, but let's be serious here...that would have totally cut into my scheduled nap. And naps?

Well, naps are sacred.
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