Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Evany at Nine Months

Well, she did it. She went and turned nine months old on me. 

NINE MONTHS! That's rounding the corner to a year. Before I know it, my baby will be ONE. Yes, I am overreacting. But I got cheated out of two months of pregnancy and now my kid is going on one and something is not right about this situation. And it's probably just me but seven months and nine months sound worlds apart to me.


She is officially identical to her brother Seth. I made a birthday collage for my Grandmother for her birthday and when I went to hang it next to last years birthday collage, I noticed that the current picture of Evany and last year's picture of Seth were...well, similar, to put it lightly. In fact, my Grandma thought the picture of Evany WAS Seth. 

She's such a sweet girl. Still refusing solids, but she can hold her own bottle! Now that was a milestone worth a party. Not that I don't love holding her while she drinks a bottle, but the ability to just hand it over when things are crazy? Heaven. 


She is twenty pounds (up from last months 18) and something nearing 29 inches long. She's in the 95th percentile for height and the 85th for weight. Those are for her adjusted age...not sure about where she's at for her actual age. She's crawling up a storm and saying Da da da and blowing raspberries all over the place. Usually on me. Which is fun. 

She's a major spitter, even at this age, and she goes through about 17 outfits a day. Today at the doctor's office she spit up all over my shoes on the way to the scale like she was a jockey trying to make weight. It's okay sweetie...big is beautiful, especially when you started out at four pounds.

The funny thing is that there were babies born within days of Evany who just dwarfed her. The pictures are hilarious. But even funnier is that now, as all the babies have evened out into their own growth curves, Evany has turned out to be nearly as big or even bigger than them! So funny how babies grow. I never thought my little tiny baby would end up being as big as her brothers and sister when they were her age!


Although the stats are nice to remember and I'll never want to forget her frequent vomiting (ha!), the most important thing I want to get down here so that I won't ever forget is that this baby is precious. She has a smile for everyone and she is amazed by the smallest things. Vivi is literally a laugh waiting to happen and hearing her breathy laugh and her incredibly southern sounding "Hiiiah!" in the morning is a blessing that overwhelms me sometimes. 

She is just such a social are drawn to her and she invites them in and lectures them at very high decibels if they walk away from her. The other day, one of Ava's friends from school did what amounted to an entire photo shoot of Evany with her mom's camera and Vivi was in heaven. This girl loves attention. 


Happy nine months, Baby Girl, but seriously...could you slow it down a little? You're supposed to be the baby. 

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