Friday, October 1, 2010

Evany at Ten Months: Ridiculously Cute.

So my baby girl turned ten months old the other day, and I won't even go into how insane that is. in the world is she ten months! She was just born! She was tiny! And suddenly, here she is, ten months old and so scrumptiously chubby that I almost die every time I look at her. 

She is at the cutest stage ever...she is all peaches and cream and delectable rolls and I cannot seem to refer to her in any terms that don't have to do with food. Because she is edible. 


This is why there are so many pictures in this post. I couldn't choose between them because she is that cute right now. 


She is talking up a storm...d's and n's and lots of scolding. She is incredibly happy and she is obviously going for a speed record in crawling...she is all over the house and I have lost her multiple times now. She just learned to pull up to a stand last week. Only problem is, she can't seem to get down after she pulls up, so she is waking me up multiple times in the night screaming her head off because she has managed to stand up and can't get down. It's really fun. 


Her personality,, this girl is personable. I think she may end up being a journalist, or a news anchor, or some sort of personality. When people talk to her she just turns on and it's so funny to watch her.  She's chatty and silly and she has a dimple, which is the coolest thing ever. 


She is starting to notice other babies. The other day at school, she was crawling around and she suddenly noticed Nora lying on the ground and she just zeroed in and motored towards her. That baby was in her sights and she wasn't stopping. The next time I looked over, she was right next to Nora and they were holding hands and chatting. It was pretty adorable. 


I just love this age. I mean, I love all the ages of my kids...Ava and Jace at six and five are just amazing...we sit and have long conversations and our relationship is so deep...yet I also just love, love love the physicality of the age Evany and Seth are at, too. Nearly one and newly two are two of my very favorite ages. The cuddles are the best.


See, there's the dimple I was talking about! Just another way she and Seth are identical. He has a small dimple in the same cheek. Also, you can't tell in any of these pictures, but she is growing hair. Slowly. So slowly. 


She's got two teeth now, and she's still mostly uninterested in table food. She's tried a few things, but she always thinks better of it after a few bites and she refuses to eat more. Obviously, though, judging by the dimples in her knees, she's not starving. I'm sure she'll start to eat eventually. Since she's such a healthy weight, I don't have to stress about her eating like I did with Seth. It's so nice to be able to relax about it!


I just love her. She's becoming such a person. Today at the grocery store, she was sitting next to her brother in the cart and every time he turned his head she yanked his processor off. He would turn to her with this wounded, offended expression and grab the processor from her, hand it over to me, and ask me to put it back on. I'd do so, and she's do the same thing five seconds later. It made him completely crazy. I'm positive she was getting him back for stealing all the toys at home. 

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