Sunday, October 3, 2010

He's crafty, that one

We had a little belated birthday party for Ava and Jace the other day with some school friends. I have tons of pictures to share, but I'm posting them as I get to them, and I got to these before I got to the birthday picture proper pictures.

These are of Seth sneaking back for a follow up cupcake after everyone had polished off their first round. And for the record, I imagine him speaking these comments with a very cultured British accent.


"I could have sworn I just had a birthday, but there appear to be three candles on this cupcake! Telling time is difficult! Oh well...I guess I turned three early!"


"This icing is sweet with a hint of vanilla and a...what is that? Is that a nutmeg aftertaste?"


"You're right, sampling icing from a candle is much classier than using my fingers. I got a little ahead of myself before. I do prefer to stay clean at all times, as you can see from my spotless face and apparel."


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