Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Interrupting study time to ramble

I just wanted to share Bella with you all. I mentioned some time ago that I was following the Ringgold's blog, and their sweet baby girl passed away yesterday. My heart has literally been breaking for them today and I can't stop thinking of Bella and her family. There isn't anything worse out there than losing a child, and I cannot commend this family enough for the classy way they have handled every second of their heart wrenching journey. Please visit and let them know you're thinking of her, too.


I'm at Panera studying right now.

Well, obviously not right now. Right now, I'm blogging. Because my head was about to explode with midterm stress, and I kept reading the same paragraph over and over. I couldn't resist the temptation to check in and write to you all, my awesome internet friends.

Thus far, I am pulling A's in all four of my classes. I am shocked and thrilled, especially since the workload for these classes is exponentially higher than I expected it to be. Either I am less intelligent this time around or college has changed, because I never remember needing to work this hard.

To give you all an idea of my schedule, this semester I am knocking out prerequisites that are required for the nursing program. I am basically writing a multiple page paper each week for three classes, doing homework for the other, and then taking a test for each class every week that covers two chapters from the books for the classes. Plus participating in discussions online and other shorter assignments each week.

And this week is midterms. I'm only really worried about one class that has a proctored midterm without notes. That's going to be interesting. My memorization skills are lacking these days. But overall, I am loving this, even though it might kill me. Every so often Ava will ask me if I'm a nurse yet, and then look unbearably disappointed when I tell her no. She's all about instant gratification, that girl.

In other news, I was out of a job for a couple of weeks while the restaurant I work at renovated. Thankfully they just reopened and I am back at work just in time to stress out about having to dress up for Halloween there. Eek! I need suggestions, please! I haven't dressed up for Halloween in ten years. I want to look cute but not trashy. Every costume I've looked at is slutterific. Crazy.

Also, Mandy is coming Saturday! I'm so excited. Hopefully she won't regret coming to see me when she sees how insane my life is and how I never have a chance to clean. I haven't gotten to see her since last October, so I am stoked! People reading our tweets to each other probably think we're in love. Which I am, a little, in a platonic, snarky, wonderful way. I have exciting plans to drag her along to every excruciatingly-boring-for-childless-people event I can find. It'll be like take your friend to work day. She's going to have to shadow me at work, at church, on school field trips, and I am reportedly handing my children over to her so she can teach them about the birds and the bees at homeschool. That's a good plan, right? Sheltered Schmeltered.

Point is, I can't wait to hang out and watch Dr. Horrible and How I Met Your Mother and drive her crazy with nitpicky blog design questions. I am notorious for telling her a general idea and saying "Run with it!" then totally micromanaging her even though I said I wouldn't. It's fun. We'll hit up the beach and have a great time. Eating cookie dough. All day long. When my friends come for vacation I always get really excited thinking I'm getting a vacation, too. It's depressing when I remember that I still have all my usual duties. Not fair!

 Alright, I've used up my allotted procrastination time. Back to the salt mines.
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