Friday, October 22, 2010

She's not what you'd call a delicate flower.

Miss Vivi has just exploded this month. The kid is pulling up, starting to cruise, and crawling faster every day.

She is following in her brother's (who now officially responds to the nickname "Trub", short for Trouble) footsteps. She is going to be a handful.

And she's no shrinking violet.


Her hair, while still basically nonexistent, is finally starting to grow in,'s blonde! It cracks me up how much Ava and Jace resemble one another and Seth and Evany resemble one another. It's kind of awesome. 


Evany will be 11 months old next week, but I'm posting this now, because who knows when I'll be able to devote the time to a post. She's about 21 pounds and, while delectably chubby, she is on the petite side, which is a first for me. Her sister outweighed her by five pounds at this same age, and I'm kind of liking Vivi being a little bit of nothing for a while longer. 


While my friend Mandy was here, she kept saying that Evany was such a happy baby, and she really is. She's very low maintenance (except when she's hungry...then you'd better watch out!), and as Mandy said, she's beautifully attention deprived, and as such, she is just thrilled beyond belief when she gets attention. It's her own fault, really...she's just so darn content and easy to entertain. She does love a good chat, though, and she's incredibly vocal. All gibberish, but her tone is very intense. 


I'm kind of in love with her, you guys. She seriously has the softest skin I've ever felt, and when I walk into the room she literally lights up and waves her arms at me. It's an instant mood lifter. We had some family in town that were meeting her for the first time and as soon as they saw her, I hear my aunt exclaim "She looks just like Ellyn did as a baby!"


She's going to be a version of Tinkerbell for Halloween. I'm reusing a costume that Ava used when she was just a few months older than Evany, and while the costume fits her perfectly, the shoes that Ava wore are three sized too big. Either Ava had humongous feet or Evany's feet are tiny. I think it's a little bit of both, actually. 


The bear crawl is becoming one of her favorite modes of transportation. I don't know seems hard to me, but she digs it. She's also getting very brave about wanting to explore the house and yard. I caught her cruising from one piece of furniture to another today, and she is very quickly getting interested in walking. 


And chewing on sticks, apparently. 


And doing baby push ups. She must have some amazing abs. I could not do that. 


She's a pretty amazing nearly eleven month old little girl, if you ask me. But as we established with Seth, I'm not the most objective mother out there!
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