Monday, November 22, 2010

He'll have what she's having.

First off, I have to tell you...Vivi is finally eating! That's exciting. She's kind of like Seth in that way, a late bloomer in the food department. Seth refused to eat anything but Ritz crackers until he was one. That was so much fun. Evany, though, has given in and is now eating. Just in time for her birthday. Score! Also, she's got two new teeth. Still bald, though. I specifically told her to grow some hair for her birthday pictures, and she's already disobeying me. Kids.

And let me just say that for the first time ever in the history of my life as a parent, I am feeding one of my children jarred baby food. I feel sort of terrible about it. To be fair, I am forcing myself to taste it all before I give it to her, and so far nothing has been too bad. But still. I made baby food for all of them, and she's getting jarred food.

That's not the only area I've lowered my standards in, either. Nope. Seth and Evany are both wearing disposable diapers when I have a beautiful stash of cloth just sitting there. I feel slightly better about the fact that I got my diapers for less than nine cents a diaper (that's a screaming good deal, if you're not up on per diaper prices), but I still feel bad.

Not enough to change it, of course, or to pull the Magic Bullet out to puree the baby some home made food. Because it's all I can do to stay three loads behind on laundry as it is, and if Evany had to wait for me to make her food, she'd probably never eat. Things are just too crazy right now, and store bought food and disposable diapers are just going to have to be part of our lives for a while.

The upside is, it hasn't seemed to threaten the kids' lives or well being in any way! So they must not be as evil as I always thought, then. =) I somehow doubt they're going to grow up and compare notes about what kind of mush they were fed or what diapers they wore. But if they do, they can always take it up with the therapists I'm sure they'll all have!

The funny thing is that Seth, who would never touch a puree to save his life, is now rethinking his previous choices because he is an attention hound and he wants everyone to know that he is still the baby and that Evany is some interloper who is here by mistake.

Yes, he makes really annoying noises so I can't ignore him.

Also, in the background you can hear Ava singing an original composition in the bathtub.

Lastly, I am usually capable of getting the spoon into Evany's mouth, but I was videotaping and feeding with the same hand. Multi-tasker I am not.

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