Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Merry Christmas Eve Eve Eve!

Yesterday I did my very first photo shoot with someone else's children. I love taking pictures, but I've always been afraid to branch out to other people's kids. But I was excited to try! Here is one of my favorites:


Isn't she pretty? My goodness. And check out how big baby Nora has gotten:



I had a lot of fun. Jace, however, didn't have quite so much fun. He and the other kids were playing in the sand. Apparently, they decided to bury his flips flops and the Bakugan toys he got from McDonals ($1.99 Happy Meals!). Unfortunately, they hid them so well that we couldn't find them again, and we had to leave the park with one shoe and no toys. 

Inconsolable would be a kind word for how he was feeling. Those McDonald's toys were apparently the most important things in the entire world to him. He's a trip sometimes. We went back today armed with shovels to try to find them all, but it was a no go. We had to abandon the missing toys and lone flip flop.

That was dramatic, let me tell you. And he's not really getting the whole "You shouldn't have buried them in the first place." argument. Imagine that. 

Other than that, we've been lazing around the house for the most part. Evany isn't feeling great and I'm scared of she and Seth going for another round of full blown could kill me. There is not much worse than two clingy, sick kids, both of whom think they are entitled to 100% of lap real estate. So I'm trying to avoid cycling through that all again. Wish me luck! 

And now I have to think about starting to wrap gifts. My least favorite part of every year! Maybe watching Dexter while I'm slogging through it will help.

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