Thursday, December 16, 2010

We're officially on Christmas Break!

Today Jace, Ava, and Seth had class parties and field trips and therapy, respectively, and are now officially done until next year!

Ava thinks that's just hilarious, that she won't be going back to school until next year. "I had no idea it was already summer!" She exclaimed this morning.

It was a crazy day of running back and forth to try and be present for al the kids activities. Ava went on a really cool field trip to an assisted living home where the 1st through 4th graders did some carol singing. My favorite part, though, was watching her walk around afterwards and have conversations with several of the residents. She was super sweet and loving with everyone and it was really awesome to watch her interact.

Seth had a great last day at school before break...his teacher told me he was talking like crazy today, and even imitating her! (words he either said spontaneously or imitated when his teacher said them: Sheep, Donkey, Cat, Dog, Bye Bye, Hi, Please, Help, Stop It, Baby, Go, Sticker) That is huge for him. Beyond huge. He continued to chat through physical therapy, which isn't typical at all, and his therapist was shocked and pretty thrilled. In addition, we made the decision to end his physical therapy. He doesn't have his official graduation papers yet, but his therapist, is going to evaluate him again after three months without therapy. If he hasn't regressed any, then we are officially done with physical therapy! I am very, very excited about this prospect, although I will miss his therapist immensely. I have more to say about the thought of therapy ending when you've lived it for years, but that will have to wait for a post when I'm less exhausted.

 On the speech front, things are all over the place. Today was amazing (although he didn't get speech today), but we just got a second opinion from another therapist and Seth tested even lower than he did when his current therapist tested him last month. I am beyond frustrated. I don't know if I should stick with the therapist we have been with all along or if Seth would benefit from a change of pace and scenery. The therapist we got the second opinion from is a man, which is new for Seth, and has a pretty different approach. My brain is mush trying to figure this out. And yes, we have to pick just one of them. I can't go back and forth between them, because they're in different centers. If anyone has any experience changing therapists, tell me about it. Did you regret it or was it the right choice? Seth has been with his current therapist since he was three months old and was highly recommended to us. This new therapist comes very highly recommended, too. I think they're both good, but I need to figure out who's best for Seth right now. This is hard.

By the end of the day when Seth, Evany and I got back to school to flit back and forth between the pre-K and first grade party, everyone was pretty exhausted and cranky. Someone handed Evany a cookie and after I stressed about her choking, I learned that she is totally capable of eating pretty substantial solids. She put two cookies away on her own. I was impressed.

Seth fell asleep on the way home from school and has literally not woken up since. My mom came over to watch him and Evany so that Ava and Jace and I could go see Voyage of the Dawn Treader, and when we got home he was still passed out. At this point, I'm hoping he sleeps until morning! He obviously needed the rest.

And honestly, so do I. I am beyond tired! I will be back tomorrow with more coherent thoughts. Or at least as coherent as my thoughts ever get!

What are your big plans for Christmas break?
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