Thursday, January 20, 2011

This makes me cry.

Seth wasn't quite 100% today (he tends to have some residual breathing issues after he gets sick that linger a little) so I wasn't ready to send him back to school, but we were going stir crazy so we had to get out of the house. I don't know what possessed me, but before we knew it, we were at the hair salon.

I did it. I bit the bullet and had his hair cut. These are all cell phone pictures, so excuse the quality please. He wasn't thrilled, but he didn't cry or refuse to go near the stylist, both of which were distinct possibilities.


See that thumb/finger thing he's doing? That is something I did ALL the time as a kid when I was nervous. It's so weird to see the mannerisms that get without you ever teaching them! I love this next's like he's checking out her handiwork in the mirror to see if she's doing alright. 


He looks so tiny in that huge cape! The entire time he was getting his hair cut, Evany was jabbering happily with two little old ladies who were waiting on us to get their perms done. It was hilarious! They kept saying "Why is she so happy?" Hah!


After it was finished it looked absolutely nothing like the picture I showed the stylist, but I guess you get what you pay for and I only paid her 8 cents an inch. I'll have to keep that in mind for the next time he needs a cut and go somewhere a little pricier! But he was great and we loaded up into the stroller and paid my mom a visit since she works in a shop in the same plaza. She almost didn't recognize him!


It almost made me cry when I realized how short it is and how old he looks. And of course when I realized what a bad cut it is and how it's nothing like what I wanted. Oh well...he's cute, he can pull it off. As we were leaving the movie theater next door was opening and on a whim Seth, Evany, and I went in to see Gulliver's Travels. You can't beat a five dollar movie when one of your kids is free! 

The movie would have been kind of inappropriate for Ava and Jace...lots of peeing and butt jokes, which I'm not a fan of in our house, and so on, but they all flew over Seth's head and after he got over being scared of the movie and came out from cowering behind the seats he did great. It helped that we were the only ones in the entire theater, so I didn't have to worry about anyone complaining about him chatting. 


Evany was a champ, as well...she watched about half the movie, fed herself a little lunch, and then just went to sleep when she got tired! She's such a rockstar, seriously. She's the easiest baby ever. 

I think Seth's hair started to bounce back a little bit after a few hours, because this is what it looked like tonight. 


Kind of crazy, but he's got two insane cowlicks that make his hair go a little nuts because it's so fine. I do think he looks a lot older, though! What a big boy. I'm not a fan of this growing up thing. 
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