Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Don't you love the new layout? Mandy did a great job. We (read: She, with convoluted feedback from yours truly) had been working on the header for a little while, but then she came out with a new kit and I fell in love with it. So I asked her to blogjack me. Then I got really lucky because she got snowed into her house and had nothing to do but work on my blog! So we skyped for way too long last night talking about ice and dogs and how I was seeing colors that weren't actually there until I declared myself cut off from blog design and told her I trusted her judgment. I think she did good! It's nice and cheery and I need some of that. I love the rotating pictures in the header. Thor is Mandy's nickname for the new baby, and I told her if it turns out to be a girl she might have some identity issues being called that. We'll see.

Speaking of gender, though, it's been nearly a week and the test still says Boy. In an entertaining turn of events, a really sweet rep from the another gender test company contacted me the other day and offered to send me one of their tests to review! So I will be taking the Intelligender test after all. We'll see if it says boy as well or if the jury is divided. I'm so excited. I love tests.

In other news, Evany said her first word tonight! It wasn't Mama, however. It was cracker. I told you she likes to eat! But it's the first thing she's said meaningfully and contextually, and my friends Mara and Laura both heart her say it multiple times, so I'll take it. She's going to have more words than her brother before he knows it. Hear that, Seth? Your sisters giving you a run for your money. You better get your big boy pants on and start talking! Maybe some healthy competition is what he needed.

Seth had a stellar day today. He saw a helicopter and yelled "Helicopter!" at it several times, he had a mapping (Cochlear Implant programming) and was actually friendly, cooperative, and communicative with his Audiologists, and he even deigned to show off his conditioned responses for them. Today he got to play "Don't Break The Ice" and knock a block out of the game whenever he heard a beep. He liked it.

Ava is recovering from her bout with strep throat and was finally officially not contagious today, which was lucky because if she had to miss Awana she might have literally died. Plus they all got new toothbrushes out of the whole strep deal, so that apparently made it all worthwhile.

Okay, off to bed. I hope everyone is safe and warm and preferably not snowed or iced in. But I'm guessing some of you are. Sorry about that.
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