Monday, August 22, 2011

All-Nighters and Flamingos

Around here our days fall into two very distinct categories; the days Seth naps and the days he doesn't. On the days we manage to keep him awake all day, everything is sunshine and roses and he goes to bed perfectly at bedtime.

On the days he falls asleep for even a moment, things aren't so rosy. If he falls asleep for two seconds it's like he's given this insane second wind and he is wide awake all night long. Nothing can be done. If he falls asleep during the day, you might as well throw in the towel and prepare for a very long night.

Luckily he tends to be exceedingly sweet at midnight, as seen in this video from last night, or else I would have totally sold him by now.

To avoid these late night get togethers, I've started paying Ava and Jace a dollar to keep him awake in the afternoons. We're a three person tag team keeping Seth from nodding off. As soon as his eyelids start to droop one of us rushes in. "Want to play basketball? Want a snack? Want candy? Want to go play in traffic? Now that'll wake you up!'

Whatever it takes.

It's working pretty well, last night notwithstanding, although I may go broke keeping him awake.

He's usually the troublemaker in our house, and I feel bad that we're always blaming everything on him even though it usually is his fault. Still though, I feel bad that I end up shouting "Seth! Seriously?" A whole lot more throughout the day than the other kids' names. I don't want them to feel left out, after all.

For example, I was obviously very excited today when I walked into my bathroom and saw this lovely offering.


It's totally something Seth would do. It's a Build-A-Bear flamingo in the sink, having a bath (the sink was running and nearly full of water when I walked in). With toothpaste artfully applied throughout. Because why not? Totally something Seth would do. I even started to call his name before I realized that his jr. partner in crime, Evany, was actually the culprit. 

And I was pretty excited about that, in an odd way, mostly because I got his picture in my mind of Seth binding with his little sister by teaching her all his old tricks...mentoring her, if you will, initiating her into the gang of troublemakers. At least he's not ignoring her anymore.

Now that I'm thinking about it, bathing stuffed animals seems to be a habit around here. Ava and Jace gave their stuffed animals a bath on the carpet of their bedroom years ago and we had to replace the entire floor. That was fun.

All of this should probably be filed under the heading "These children will be the death of me."

But at least it'll be a fun way to go!

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