Sunday, August 7, 2011

A (cell phone) Pictures Post

As always, I have a list of things I'd love to blog about in my head. But Coen is starting to fuss at me so I figured I'd post some cell phone pictures of the summer so far...Lots of times it's the spur of the moment pictures that give a closer picture of our lives than anything else, and I don't want to forget all these little moments!


This is Seth and one of his favorite highschool guys from hangout, Trenton. The kid is amazing...he'll play with Seth for hours without complaining, even just after surgery on his wrist. Seth loves him. 

Ava's not the only song composer in the is a song Jace made up for my birthday. The first twenty seconds make my day every time I watch. 


This was Seth trying to convince me to let him sleep in Ava's bed. It lasted all of five minutes, of course. 


At a local fundraiser Jace got his face painted to look like the Incredible Hulk. I think he just picked it because it was green, because I'm fairly certain he doesn't even know what the Hulk is! Regardless, he looks a little freaky.


This sign was in the yard with balloons when we pulled up after I was discharged from the hospital. It was so sweet!


A lemonade stand was Ava's summer dream. She marched up and down the sidewalk with her sign and Jace handled the money. Seth drank the lemonade. Believe it or not, they both made a few bucks and now they want to have a lemonade stand every day. Because they're obsessed with money. Ava because she wants to buy a stuffed puppy in a purse, and Jace because he wants to save up to take over the world.


Seth got this trike for his birthday (Forgive the mess; we were packing and preparing to move). It was time for his nap and he was very worried that someone else would play with it while he this is the way he insisted on laying down. He spent his entire nap sleeping underneath it. 


This is Evany practicing being nice to her baby doll. About ten seconds later, she threw it off the bed. It's probably a good thing she pretends Coen doesn't exist. 


Ava, Seth, and I posed for a picture one morning before church, and the next day, Seth and I both got hair cuts. So this is my before picture.


And this is after.

I took Seth to see the 3D version of the Smurfs. Most movies he is pretty scared and hides his face for the majority of the film. but he was actually thrilled about this one. I had to get a few seconds on video to remember it by. You can also see his haircut, I think. 


I had to get an oil change and a simple repair done on the van, and I was dreading taking the kids and having to wait in a typical auto repair waiting room. So imagine my happiness when I pulled up and saw this! We fed the fish and ran around in the grass while the owner did the quickest repair and oil change of all time. It was definitely my best car repair experience to date!

I love the pictures I get of the kids with my "good" camera, but sometimes I love the little things in these impromptu photos and videos just as much. Mostly I just love pictures of these precious kids!

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