Monday, August 15, 2011

Today, we...

Today, we watched entirely too much Phinneus and Ferb. And I don't even like that show.

Today, we went to the grocery store. Very carefully. I've finally found a way to go to the store that doesn't end up taking the entire day and me peeling Seth off several different displays of food or require three trips because Coen's infant seat takes up the whole shopping cart so that I can't fit enough groceries. Our new go-to plan? I wear the baby, Ava pushes Evany in a stroller, and Seth rides up front and center in the cart. This way, I just have to call Ava and Jace's names two billion times as we shop when they get distracted by the coupon dispensers.

Today, we made broccoli salad. Or I should say Seth did. He's very hands on.

IMG_3407 IMG_3410

Actually, I guess he's pretty lips on, too. Every great cook has to taste test, right?

Today, we made sock puppets. 


They turned out pretty cute. 

Of course, today, we have also had roughly 64 temper tantrums and 3 all out melt downs. Poop has ended up places it should never, ever end up. Sibling rivalry has been intense. Seth fell asleep for fifteen minutes and is now apparently pulling an all nighter to make up for it. 

But somehow? The small victories win out over the big annoyances. And now we have sock puppets, so that's something. Every needs a good sock puppet.
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