Saturday, September 3, 2011

Coen at 2 months

My reasons for posting tonight are twofold. I'm avoiding Microbiology,, that junk is hard! And also, and more importantly...Coen turned two months old today! Time flies when you're having fun....and you're sleep deprived!

 Coen is a sweet boy. He's very. serious. Seriously. Every expression he has is extremely solemn. He's a thinker. Big thoughts. And big cheeks. 


He's becoming a relatively good sleeper at night, although during the day all bets are off. But he's generally pretty content if he's being held or hanging out in a wrap. Which works out well because he is growing entirely too fast and I am loving this stage. You know, the stage when you can easily make them happy and they don't run off or make a mess. Bliss.


Seth is never far from Coen, either. He is a very sweet and attentive big brother, much to my surprise. He's still really attached to me, but he doesn't resent Coen at all. He's come up with some inventive ways to still get to cuddle while I'm holding the baby, too. Ava and Jace are pretty enamored of him as well, and Evany likes him sometimes, so I can't complain!


His nickname in the house has officially become CoCo, much to my chagrin. Luckily he looks very much like a boy, so he can pull it off. Even Evany has picked it up, and hearing her little voice calling out "CoCo! CoCo!" is pretty adorable. I'm trying to sell the kids on calling him Co instead if they need a nickname, but so far they're not buying it.

He has a check up coming up on Tuesday, but I'm betting he's around 12 pounds or so based on what he weighed at the end of August at the girls' physicals. I've had to start packing away his smallest clothes, and there have been a couple of outfits that his brothers wore before him that have been pretty sad to put away.

I'm basically head over heels in love with him. Unfortunately, no matter how much I could go on to write about this adorable baby, Micro is calling me name. And laughing at me. So I'd better get to it. Hope everyone has a great Labor Day Weekend!
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