Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Small Victories

The phrase "My way or the highway" was coined for my son Seth. He is the most stubborn child I know. For a long time he refused to talk completely even though all of his hearing tests have come back perfect since his cochlear implant surgery two years ago. Then he finally started talking at home but would never, ever talk when anyone wanted him to. Not even to say please or to get candy. The fastest way to get him to be quiet was to ask him to say anything at all.

Seth is the kid who will talk up a storm until the camera is on him then clam up. He is the kid who talks right up to the door of his classroom then gives everyone the side eye when they say hello, only to start talking again when he's dismissed for the day. He knows immediately if you're angling for him to talk and he shuts right down, only to disappear into the next room and chat up a storm with a stuffed animal or sibling.

He's difficult, is what I'm saying, and he is a control freak of the highest degree when it comes to talking on demand. In other words, he doesn't do it.

Only recently has he begun deigning to say words in response to questions or even imitation, so this video, while simplistic, pretty much makes my life right now. I'm finally starting to see light at the end of the tunnel with this beautiful boy.

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