Sunday, February 26, 2012

Lots of random information

Sometimes I wonder when life is going to slow down, and then I realize; not any time soon! Things have been, as usual, pretty crazy here. John was out of town last week for some training for his new job, and it's crazy how fast I got used to having another grown up around here.

I'm finally managing to get Coen on a sleep schedule. Up until now he's napped and slept whenever and wherever but I finally broke down and got him a crib last week when he basically started climbing out of his bassinet. Of course, the same day I bought and assembled his crib, Evany started climbing out of hers.

Because why not? If she had started climbing out ONE day earlier I would have just moved her to the twin bed in her room and given her crib to Coen. But no. Now we have two.

I also moved Ava into Evany's room. Ava and Jace have shared a room for most of their lives, but they just play way too much at night. One night last week they were going crazy and I told them to enjoy their last night as roommates.

They obviously thought I was bluffing, because the next night when I told Ava to gather her things and head into Evany's room she flipped out. It was quite a scene. Finally, I got her to bed and the next morning she was completely fine with rooming in with her sister. I questioned her about her tantrum from the night before and she smiled. "You thought I was really upset about moving into Evany's room?" I told her that yes, I figured that the extremely physical fit she threw before bed meant she was unhappy. "Oh, Mom!" She laughed. "I was just acting!"

I had no words for that one.

I'm neck deep in school right now...last semester I was accepted to the nursing clinical programs I applied to but due to various factors like childcare and scheduling (The nursing school's here do not offer the same night/weekend option as the school I attended in Florida), I had to make the really tough choice to change majors. I really identified with nursing, but I feel like I can make a positive difference in this field as well. So this new direction, which will give me a dual teaching license in Special Education and Elementary Education, has had a steep learning curve as had the new school I am attending. I am absolutely loving it but also absolutely working my fingers to the bone. I have averaged a paper a day the past two weeks. The program I am in is competency based, and research papers seem to be a large part of demonstrating knowledge. I thought I'd never ho through classes more difficult than my nursing classes, but these are challenging in a whole new way! Right now I'm finishing up a class on Special Education and IEPs and I have to admit I am finding it intensely interesting, probably because I have a child on an IEP. I could just read about it all day long. Hopefully that's a good sign!

Wedding planning is going pretty great. I found my dress for a steal and nearly all of my bridesmaids have already ordered their dresses and bought their plane tickets, and John got fitted for his tuxedo last week (He is insisting on a bow tie. I have no comment). Our venue is locked in, which, thank GOODNESS, because it never even occurred to us how popular July 7th would be as a wedding date. Most of the places we called laughed at us when we mentioned our wedding date and told us we should have called eight months ago. But then the place we'd both fallen in love with called back and they happened to be open! We jumped on it right away and I'm thrilled. It's a historical hotel in town and it is literally like walking into a little piece of history. Next on the list is picking the caterer and the food. Oh the food. So excited about the food!

I'm so happy that we will get to share the day with our friends and family, and the one thing that is making me sad is that my best friend Mara won't be able to make it. It's for a very good reason; she and her husband will be welcoming their fifth baby to the family a week or two before the wedding and they live in Florida, but it will be so odd to do it all without her when she has been such a amazingly supportive friend to me for so long. We're trying to figure out a way to skype or livestream the wedding so that the whole family can be a part of it. Just wouldn't be the same without them!

If you all wouldn't mind taking a few minutes out to pray for Seth and Jace this week, I'd appreciate it. Seth is finally getting in to see an asthma and allergy specialist and will be getting allergy testing done next week, and Jace will be going for a long awaited Neuropsych evaluation for ADHD on the 6th. I wish neither one of them needed to go in, but hopefully these visits will put us on the road to some answers and better tools to improve both of their lives.  They're both such amazing kids and I just love them more than I can say and I know how blessed we are to have such small problems in the larger scheme of things. Still, I'd appreciate prayer that both appointments go smoothly.

And now I'm off to write another paper. Hope everyone's weekend was lovely!

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