Monday, February 6, 2012

Our week

John started his new job today! It went well and he's really excited. We all missed him today but it was really exciting to see the smile on his face after work and hear about how excited he is about this job! This time I've had with John around all day every day has been pretty great. While we were definitely feeling the money crunch before he started work, having this six weeks to just be together all the time was exactly what we needed to readjust to this crazy life of ours.

Funny how God's timing is always pretty much perfect even when it doesn't match up with your plan, isn't it? I'm terrible about trying to make everything meet my own timeline, but I'm (slowly) learning that forcing something into my own time frame never turns out as well as waiting for God's timing.

In other news this week, Coen turned 7 months old! He's pretty great. He started babbling MaMa and DaDa over the past few weeks, although he has no concept of what he's saying, of course. He's sitting up and creeping all over the floor and generally causing a ruckus. It's pretty awesome, although I wouldn't be too sad if he started sleeping a little more.


This next picture makes me happy. I love reading. I was that nerd in school who walked home from school with her nose in a book, so I absolutely love seeing my kids reading of their own volition. And the fact that Jace's popsicle has been abandoned for his book makes me feel giddy. 


My kids pick at each other. A lot. I'm probably understating it, actually. It can get intense here. The older two and younger two, especially, are at one another's throats. I'm sure part of it is that they're all reasonably close in age. Seth and Evany, especially, have been sounding eerily like the seagulls in Finding Nemo lately. "Mine!" "Mine!" "Mine! "Mine!" It's lots of fun. Which is why when I happen upon then all getting along happily, I've been known to dive over a couch to find a camera to document the event. 


I frequently find parenting overwhelming. The great thing is that just as frequently I find it incredibly rewarding. My heart could just burst with love for these five little hooligans. 
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