Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Checking In

We're alive! I know I sound like a broken record but as usual, things are crazy around here! I'm beginning to think this is the permanent state of our lives. The wedding is a week from Saturday and there are a million and one loose ends to tie up. Every time I knock something off my to-do list it feels like I add two more things.

I am so excited. The first time around, John and I eloped on the beach, which was beautiful, but we always regretted not having the whole shebang, if you will, so this is our do-over in more ways than one. When we started planning everything, John joked about how we'd need a "bride's side, a  groom's side, and a blog side" at the reception, and what I love about that is that it's actually true. There will be bloggers in attendance, bloggers standing up with me, and a blogger photographing my wedding. I love that some of these women have become my closest friends thanks to this little spot on the internet. Getting to have my family, my blog friends, and all my other friends together with me on this day makes me feel pretty great. It's so surreal to think about everything that has happened the past few years. It's been a lot of work on both our parts, but John and I are so blessed to have been able to put the pieces of our family back together. I just can't wait to make it official again with everyone!

The kids are enjoying their summer...they just came inside from having a big water balloon fight with the neighbors. We now officially have a Pre-K student, a first grader, and a third grader. They're growing up so fast! Last night we were at a cook out with some family and the kids were just running around and blowing bubbles and making us all laugh. It was just a really enjoyable evening and I always try to really soak those times up because as I'm sure you all know, taking a bunch of little kids out in public is almost never as fun as you think it will be. Hah! My mom just got into town for the boys' birthdays and the wedding and we've been having a blast with her too.

We've got some birthdays coming up...Coen will be a year old on Tuesday, which is just insane, and Seth will be four on the seventeenth. It feels like it was just yesterday that I was stressing out about whether Coen would stay put and wait to be born until after Seth's birthday. He didn't of course, but it all turned out perfectly. Every day now Seth tells me "First Coen turns one, then I turn four!" We are on birthday watch around here, for sure.

Speaking of birthdays, I turned thirty earlier this month. It hit me harder than I was expecting! John was great, though, and coordinated a couple of really fun outings with friends to keep my mind off of it. =) On my birthday Ava told me  "Mom, you don't look thirty. I think you're just pretending to be old!" I'm fairly certain it was meant as a compliment, but in any case it made me laugh!

I don't have any pictures handy right now because I've been lazy this summer and have yet to break out my good camera, but Mandy and Amie will be here a week from today and I have a feeling there will be many pictures I can post after that. I have big plans to get some one year pictures of Coen, so I'll hav to make that happen, too. I do have a short video to post of Seth reciting the alphabet, though. Letters are such a simple thing, but learning the correct pronunciation of all the parts of each letter can be tough, especially for a kid with cochlear implants. I love this video because he's being his regular goofy self that people outside our home don't always get to see because Seth is a little shy in public. (And yes, at the end, he says "We're done!" Hah! He cracks me up.)

Thanks so much for the comments and emails. I miss writing and talking with everyone. I hope you're all doing well!

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