Monday, September 24, 2012

Still missing

A year ago two people I was very close to died. I still miss them and think about them literally every day.

Sara's laugh was infectious, her sense of humor both sweet and dry, and my friends and I will still mention one of our old jokes and laugh before it makes us feel like crying.

Sara was the best example for living a good life I have ever seen. Despite all she went through, all she suffered, she always, always chose joy. Every day I try to the same. I hope she'd be proud of me.

Jeramy was the most charismatic person I've ever spent time with. As a child, I would follow my older cousin around and beg him to hang out with me. He always did. He was always good for soul searching conversation and he was always interested in what everyone had to say be had a way of always making you feel special, important. Loved.

I miss them. I always will.
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