Friday, October 17, 2008

Happy 3 Months, Seth B.!

You're practically over the hill! 1/4 of the way to One! Not a newborn anymore, although if we go by your adjusted age you would be a month and a half old, not three. We had a rough start, but we have loved having you here with us every second of the past three months, since you apparently just couldn't wait to make your appearance.

At three months, you regularly:


Laugh (usually in response to strange things)

Sleep at LEAST 8 hours a night and sometimes TEN hours!


Eat every 3 to 4 hours during the day.

Fuss just enough to get someone to pick you up, then immediately smile or fall asleep.

Pull out your hearing aids several times a day.

You are a gorgeous, perfect baby. Your eyes still appear to be blue (yes!), and your hair is dark blond with quite a bit of red in it, idea where that came from. As my friend said, you look nothing like your siblings, at least at first glance. After studying you for a while, you do resemble both Ava, Jace, and Eli in different ways.

You are cruising along at the 50th % for both height and weight (actual'd be much higher adjusted), which I love, because it means you will be a smaller, cuddly baby longer! You are 12lb 12 oz as of a few days ago.

You love the sling, and hang out there most of the time when we are out and about. This does two things: a) Keeps you close to me, the way I like it, and b) keeps strangers from touching you. The only downfall to the sling is that it makes your hearing aids feedback like crazy.

Ahh, the hearing aids. We finally got well fitting ear molds for you, which has helped with the squealing, but since the aids are turned up as high as they can go, we still have to deal with a certain amount of feedback. It's apparently the best we can hope for. The aids annoy you, but we have seen two responses from during a feedback test at the audiologist, and one when your brother threw something on the floor VERY loudly. It was very exciting to see you "hear!"

Everyone who meets you falls in love with you, and who could blame them? Even your brother and sister do nothing but fawn all over you all day long. Neither one of them has even mentioned sending you back, which is pretty good, considering how much attention you have been getting!

I love you, Seth. I have loved every second of your babyhood so far, and I will be cherishing every single moment from here on out. You will never know how hard we prayed for you, little man, and how thankful for you we are every single day.

Love, Mama


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