Thursday, October 16, 2008

Boys Boys Boys.

I am watching one of my friends boys today. Ava is off at school, so we are in an all boy zone. "JUST the BOYS!" Jace screamed as we drove to school this morning. This little boy, F, is just a couple of months younger than Eli would be (we were pregnant together...he and Eli were supposed to be best friends, of course), and so it's been a little surreal, realizing that in an alternate reality, this could be our family, these three boys, 3, 1, and 3 months. So it's been bittersweet, seeing them all together, although mostly sweet, as F is pretty much a part of the family anyway, and he and Seth will be in same class at school. I love seeing them form these connections.

F is just learning to walk and get into things, so it's been a busy morning of cheering when he walks and pulling him off whatever objects he climbs. I have a lot more baby proofing to do before Seth gets much bigger!

I spent the morning at Target, which was a BAD idea. Target is my weakness...when I go there I always, always find things to buy. And I have been being so good...until today. =) I will have to post pictures of my finds later.


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