Thursday, November 20, 2008

How many people does it take to make a button?

OK, so you've all heard the joke. How many people does it take to screw in a light bulb? There are various answers, but the overarching theme is that it always takes more people than you would think.

I am not any different, people! It has taken a village to build my button! It took you all requesting it, my friend Sarah's beautiful design skills, John's friend Wayne's impressive web design skills, and a lot of waiting on my part to make this one, little button!

Isn't it pretty?! You will notice it on the sidebar where you can grab it and take it home to your own blog (just copy the code and paste into a html widget in blogger)! Please, please, do!
If you prefer your buttons in the horizontal style, we have yet another option for you:

We're all about choices here! =)

I have to say I am loving finally having a real thing to show what we are doing for Seth. I have been trying to find a way to put into words how I am feeling about this whole thing, and I can't even begin.

This will change Seth's whole life. Can a person get by and live a perfectly useful life without hearing and speaking? Yes, of course! We see amazing deaf individuals who do it every day. I will be proud of Seth for identifying with other deaf children and adults. But what if we could give him more? What if he could learn to listen, hear, and speak? What if he could choose between being part of the hearing community or deaf community and switch back and forth as he likes...what if he didn't have to choose at all?

That is what getting cochlear implants gives him the chance to do. It gives him every single opportunity a typical kid has, and I think that is amazing! For the first time in a long time I feel utterly convicted! I love God. I love him! I love being a christian and I love our faith! But the past couple of years have been hard on me, people. This is me being real and trasparent, and ugly. It has been hard. I spent an entire year unable to go into the church service. I would volunteer for whatever I could find to keep from going in. Because every time, worshipping made me burst into tears. The first few times, people were very supportive. But you can only play the dead baby card for so long, and as kind and loving as people are, they can't deal with stuff they have never experienced. I made people uncomfortable. When a baby dies, there is nothing people can do.

After Eli died, my friend told me that if we ever had another baby, that baby would be spoiled so much it would be ridiculous. And it has been true. Because of his big brother Eli, people have been invested in Seth from the moment I got pregnant. They love him, just as we do. He is here because his brother died. He is loved, in part, because people are lavishing the love they never got to give Eli onto him. But that's ok! I know that Eli would be glad to know that people's love for him is being manifested in love for Seth and not anger over his death. Eli, just by existing, has helped pave the way for Seth. By helping Seth, people can finally do what they could never do for Eli...something tangible, something to really help. No one can help when a baby dies. But now, we can all work together, we can all help. Seth can benefit from our efforts...Seth could hear! I have no doubt, God is working in me, and in John, and in all of us to make that goal a reality.

So please, think about taking his button to your page and spreading the word. Seth is going to do something great, I know it, whether he can hear or not. But if we can reach others with his story, maybe we can help as many people learn about deafness and about God as help us get to our goal.


Sew a Fine Seam said...

I have the button up! I actually had it up before by saving the picture of it, deleting the white space, adding it to my side bar as a picture, and linking it to your site! Just to get a little head start! Glad you have friends who can help you out, and glad you are using the internet to spread the word about Seth, it's a wonderful tool!
God bless you all!

Julie said... wouldn't think it'd be so complicated, but it looks AMAZING! I like the 2 different choices. WAY better than anything I could've done.

Anonymous said...

I was able to put the button on my myspace page, but can't quite figure out how to put it on facebook. boo. I'll keep trying though! LOVE YOU!

Aimee' said...

I added baby Seths sweet button to my blog!!

Shanda said...

Love it! It is up on my blog. I will post about it after you have the bracelets ready.

I have no doubt that God is going to do amazing things both for Seth's hearing and in your life.


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