Thursday, November 6, 2008

Seth Update, and Giving Up

My baby boy was in great form today!

We started off at Speech Therapy this morning, where Seth made everyone fall in love with him. He was smiley, happy, and very vocal. It was so good to get his evaluation done and get our therapy appointments set. He showed no response to any of the loud toys with his aids in. His therapist said he was unusually vocal for a deaf baby.

Then, this afternoon we headed to St. Pete to go to his ENT. Here is a praise: His ears are normal! That means that even though he can't hear, all the right pieces are there. Praise God!

I have been praying nonstop about the right direction for us to take, and after today, I just feel a real peace about everything, and I feel like the right answer for Seth is a cochlear implant. I feel like people have been placed in our lives to help us reach our decision, but in the end, I do not have any doubt that this peace in our decision is from God.

Thank God that this is finally clear to me! I have been struggling so much in the past four months! It is truly awesome to feel such peace. We love our son, and he is perfect to us...he does not need fixing! I would be overjoyed with my baby boy if he never heard or spoke a word. But what we have the ability to do these days is amazing, and I know that Seth will benefit from it.

But in the end, I give it all up to Him, to God. We are putting ourselves out there. Seth is on schedule to receive his first implant in 6 to 8 months, and hopefully, insurance will cover that. But his second implant will be on us, so I am giving it all up to God to help guide us in efforts to make a second implant a possibility for him. I know He can make it happen, and I know we can do all the work through Him!

So if anyone has any great fundraising ideas, please let me know! Luckly, Seth is pretty cute, so we could plaster his face on some posters if we need to. =)


Kameron said...

Congrats! Sometimes even if the situation is difficult there is a wonderful silver lining. Thanks for visiting my blog!

agirlandhergun said...

Wow, I just sent you an email about this. Interesting. congratulations on making a decision that you are at peace with. Shelby

Shosh said...

my friends baby just got a double cochlear implant at the age of 17 months. she is doing really really well with them. good luck to you!

Christina said...

You're an inspiration to us all -- especially the eating of the cookie dough!

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