Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Stepping Out

I have never been good at stepping out in faith. I have friends who can do it easily, who can put almost everything in God's hands, down to the miniscule details of their lives.

Not me, though. I always felt that God helped those who helped themselves, who followed a plan, who followed through.

Now I am being tested, stretched to my limits and beyond, every second of the day. I am being required to step out in faith because I have no other choice. It is a huge wake up call, and yet another reminder that I am not in control.

Everywhere I turn, I find that nothing is up to me! I cannot control anything in my life right now, but...but...myself. And possibly my children at times. Not often, though.

Our life is at a huge crossroads right now, as we choose our plan of action for Seth's future. All of the appointments we have had these past two weeks have gone amazingly well, and we have prayed and prayed and prayed and I feel at peace. I have chosen the path I feel led to take, and I am stepping out in faith.

I have faith that giving Seth cochlear implants will improve his life and expand his opportunities. Faith that two is better than one. Faith that the peace I feel at these choices is from God and I can finally start to relax. God is good! He gives. He takes away. I have experienced both, and now I am experiencing stepping out in complete faith in Him, that this is all in his plan and the fact that we will have to humble ourselves and fundraise like crazy will not only benefit Seth, but that Seth will benefit every single person he touches. Who knows how many people he can bring to Christ just by being deaf, being himself? I know God has great plans for my son.

So I am being humbled, tested, and pretty soundly beaten up! I don't want to ask for money. Every fiber of my being is against it. But my son is more important, and him getting this implant in a timely manner is so, so important. So we are brainstorming! Stay tuned for our ideas to be firmed up and posted here. We have amazing friends who have things they are planning, and as for us, and me, here, online, we are starting small.

One of the companies John works with has graciously offered to donate some cool "livestrong" style bracelets (or, for those of you in the mommy blogiverse, Stellan style =)). When they come in, we'll be offering them for sale here, so that if you guys want to help support us in our quest, that would be amazing.

But here is where I can use some help! We will be putting the website address on them, but I also want to add a catchy phrase to them. Something along the lines of "Help turn on my ears!" Or, you know, better. Catchier. Short, sweet, to the point, fits on a bracelet. Easy, right? And a color! We need a color!

So give me a hand! Leave me a comment with what color you think would be good and a catchy phrase. It could even be witty. I like witty. Or serious! The floor is step out and let me know your ideas!


E @ Scottsville said...

It needs to say something that will make people ask questions!!!

"Will Seth hear you?"

"...and then Seth heard!"

"Seth WILL hear!"

Anonymous said...

Good point made by 'e'

Have you heard???

Sew a Fine Seam said...

What color looks really good on Seth? Red? Teal?

Have you heard?? is a good one.
You could always use "Profoundly Seth"

when you get a chance you could create a button for us to post on our blogs so the word about Seth can spread more!

Shanda said...

"He that has ears, let him hear!" (after Matthew 11:15)

Red is my absolute favorite color and have to admit, as much as I love the idea of wearing a bracelet to get peoples attention for Seth, I would have a little difficulty wearing a color that always clashed with my wardrobe...shallow I know...but you asked! :) Whatever you choose, I will swallow my shallowness and wear it though!

God will reward you for stepping out in faith. He is awesome like that!

Mandy & Jeremy Hall said...

I think you should do silver bracelets that say "Bionic Ears" :) Please don't take offense to that! I thought it might be cute for him to be able to tell people when he's older that he has super cool, powerful, Bionic Ears :)


Anonymous said...

"Can you hear me now?"..from that commercial!

Sew a Fine Seam said...

I just had to post again and say that I LOVE shanda's idea of 'he who has ears let him hear'
That is awesome. And I'm thinking RED!

Les said...

Found your blog today... your little man is sooo cute! I was thinking red too before I read your other comments; Matthew 11:15 is cool too!

E @ Scottsville said...

I love the idea of a button for our blogs to help spread the word!!! GREAT idea! I'll gladly add one to mine for ya. =0)

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