Sunday, December 7, 2008


Sorry for the radio silence...or should I say blog silence? I have been working on not getting sick and on keeping up with my kiddos, and I didn't make it on to post. We also have family in town and one entire evening was spent hanging out at Chuck E. Cheese, so let's face it...we had better things to do than blog!

I spent all day today at a really cool seminar offered by Cochlear America, manufacturer of the implant that Seth will be receiving. One session was on the surgery itself, and the other was on the benefits of binaural (both ears) hearing.

It was really a treat to get to go to it, and I met an AMAZING eight year old girl who I truthfully did not even know was deaf until she showed me her (adorable) processor with bear stickers on it. She loves gymnastics, her favorite color is purple, and, for me, she is now the poster child for what kids with implants can do. She is a mainstreamed second grader and she is adorable!

Seth charmed everyone as usual, and I have to confess I am getting so antsy to get the show on the road, here! I can't wait to see what these implants can do for him and I want to start now! I know I need to be patient, but it is hard to wait! It's like when you finally meet the guy you want to just want the future to start right away, you know? Or maybe it was just me. =) I remember being a lovestruck teen a couple different times. Lucky for me, my future did NOT start right away back then!

Here is a cute Jace moment to make up for my time away. Tonight when we were praying, he said "Dear God, thank you for my mommy. Thank you for her hair, and her teeth, and her eyes, and her glasses. Thank you for her smile. The end." As he named off each part of my face, he touched me on that spot softly. It was very cute. Talk about praying specifically!


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