Thursday, January 15, 2009

It's cold out there!

Seth and I are cozied up at my very favorite Borders this morning, on our fun appointment free day. As a bonus, this morning as I was rushing around after oversleeping, getting the kids ready to go to school, my next door neighbor, who also conveniently happens to be Ava's teacher, offered to take her to school for me. Score! It's cold out today!

So now Ava is off until 3, Jace is at his school til 1:30, and Seth is in my lap getting in the way of my keyboard and trying to chew on the computer cord. Nice! A little electric shock never hurt anyone, right? Right? Joking. I stopped him from chewing on the computer cord and now he's moved on the diaper bag strap.

Seth has really turned into a baby the past week or so, rather than a newborn. Yes, he stayed newbornish much longer than a lot of babies, but it's over now. He's stull super easy going, but he's not happy to chill out and watch any more...he wants to be part of the action!

This amazing doctor has agreed to consult on Seth's case and we are sitting at Borders, where I have a steady internet connection, waitingo to her what his opinion of Seth's condition is. You see, Seth has turned into a little bit of a medical mystery. He's still testing in the profound loss range, but he has also started to respond to sounds he shouldn't be able to hear. Then, the next day, he'll be completely unresponsive to a sound he could hear the day before. That, apparently is a hallmark of neuropathy...being really confusing. All of his doctors are shrugging, and saying "We're just along for the ride until Seth shows us what's going on!" But Seth and I know who's really going to show us what's going on, and I'm trying to be patient and let God make it clear. In the meantime, he is still in need of an implant, unless something else changes. Even though he's hearing sounds, he's not hearing well enough to discern speech.

So, we're in a wait and see pattern...just like always! I hate this part. =)


B said...

sitting and waiting sucks! I hope it's not too long.

E @ Scottsville said...

Wow, I didn't realize he could hear some sounds. It made me smile when I read that part. =0)

Yep, God knows it ALLLL and in HIS time, huh? Hard to wait for that, but we all know its best.

Keep up the great work, Mom!

Liz {Learning To Juggle} said...

Oh how hard the waiting is - especially when its for your little one!! I hope this new Dr can help you find some answers!!

Yay for baby stage!! What a fun age - so much more interaction, so fun to see them start to play and be active!!

Anonymous said...

It was so great running into you and Seth yesterday!!! He is adorable!!! It's funny reading your blog today because when I saw Seth yesterday, I noticed he was babbling and I didn't remember Lana's son, Zack, who is also deaf, babbling like that. It made me wonder if Seth had some hearing. Remember that God is good and He can perform miracles that we can't even imagine!!! Hang in there; your love for Seth and God show through in your writings for Him!!! Much Love, Sheri

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