Saturday, January 10, 2009

Seth's Video Debut

So due to his reflux, we're starting Seth on solids a little sooner than we had planned. My mom recorded his first meal on her Blackberry, and it is so much a typical night in our family that I had to post it, even though the quality is not great, it cracks me up.

Warning: It is long. Like, 10 minutes. But if you soldier through, you'll get to see an adorable smile at the end! Also, the background noise is what will really give you a glimpse into life at our house. =) And yes, Ava is experimenting with nudity.

So if you have some time to kill and you want to feel like you were really there for Seth's first solid meal, enjoy!

Seth's first solid meal from Ellyn McCall on Vimeo.


E @ Scottsville said...

Pretty cute. I soldiered through. =0)

Riley used to run around like that all day and I thought my daughter was the only one. Whew!

Elyse said...

I agree with E...I got through and I loved the comments on how Jace wanted to try it but did not like it! HILARIOUS! Seth is so cute!!!

Kristina said...

Very Cute...I especially love Jace bugging you to taste it and then....oh the cereal.
The nudity thing? Yea, my daughter hates clothes too. I just pray my daughter will like clothes before she turns 13.....

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