Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Okay, Okay, Okay!

So, my four year old? You know, the cute one, the only girl, the one who is supposed to be with me in my old age when the boys have abandoned me for their wives? The one who curls up with me and says "Mama, I want you!"

I think she needs a little reprogramming, or I may need to sell her.

Her age is...not right. She may be 4 technically, but I fear she is approaching that age...you know, where all kids go crazy. 13...14...15...I had always planned on sending my kids to boarding school during those years. Do they have boarding school for kindergarteners?

First of all, she says "like" all the time. Like, a lot. It's all "It's like, well, like a little yellow but then there's like, a little red, and you know I was all like, screaming when the roller coaster went down that hill and it was like, crazy!" (Direct Quote).


"I have a great idea for crazy hair day, Mom. On one side, we'll, like, straighten it, and on the other side there'll be, like, curls, and then we'll spray glitter too. Ok Mom?"

Yeah. She calls me "Mom" now. Ridiculous.

Then, when I told her she needed to be in bed last night, she looked at me, cocked her head to the side, and said "Okay okay OKAY, MOM!"

As if that's not enough, I caught her air kissing Troy Bolton yesterday.

Maybe she doesn't realize she's only four. Maybe she needs a brain transplant. Maybe we need to get TV again so she has less time to think of weird things to say.


E @ Scottsville said...

And so it begins... welcome to my world with Riley!!!! =0)

I was LAUGHING over here at my desk! (my coworkers think I've lost it)

Elyse said...

4 is the new 13...did you miss the memo? I agree with E...laughing here :)

Stephanie said...

My 4 year old, Ben does some pretty "old" stuff too. He doesn't use the word "like" but he does some other stuff that makes me think I have at least a preteen. Yesterday he wanted me to drop him off on the sidewalk at daycare so he could walk in by himself. I think DHS would come after me if I did that!

Oh, and he calls me Mom, too. What happened to Mommy or at least Mama?!?!

Liz {Learning To Juggle} said...

I dread the day my boy calls me "mom" (although he has started calling his father "Dan" which is pretty darn funny!!)

Julie said...

Hmmm...I wonder if that'll happen with my boys too. They need to slow down!

Kameron said...

Oh, she is sassy!! My 18 month old is now calling me honey since his dad yelled it across the house a million times the other night. Now they both think it's funny and I have to say "not honey, mommy" every time he does it!

Anonymous said...

So the "like" thing? My biggest pet peeve with my teachers right now. There are SO many TEACHERS in this building that talk like that, and it's rubbing off on the kids (not to mention hearing it from their parents as well!)

When you feel nervous about Ava acting 15, just remember what a charming teenager you always were! And also, I'm lame and I had to look up who Troy Bolton is. I've missed the High School Musical craze entirely. I'm so much less cool when you're not around!

Kristina said...

I think Zahara and Ava have been, like, talking together about this.-Kristina

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