Sunday, January 18, 2009

Room Sweet Room

So, my plan for tonight's post was a video I made of Ava singing a song she "wrote". She has been "Writing and illustrating" (Her words) a lot of stuff lately, and she made up a song about the hours in a day and all the things she wanted to do.


Vimeo is being silly and making me wait 110 minutes to post the video, so...I have to be flexible. I can be flexible! I can! I....think I can.

So instead, I'm going to tell you the tale of Seth's room. To really get it, you have to understand that when I was pregnant with Seth, I got this vision. It was a vision of what I wanted his room to look like. I wanted it to be calm and soothing, and not too cutesy. Lots of texture, but not busy.

Problem was, we hadn't planned on giving him a room of his own. But if you've known me any time at all, you know that when I get an idea, I MUST follow through. So Ava was kicked out of her room and into Jace's before she had time to turn around, and I began explaining my plans to John.

Of course, my vision was not simple. The flooring in the room just didn't fit my idea, and I didn't like the baseboards. So instead of just being happy with painting, I sweetly (Hah!) talked him into doing new flooring, new baseboards, paint, and a chair rail. It just wouldnt be a baby's room without a chair rail! But should the chair rail be on the wall just above the dresser, or should the dresser butt up against the chair rail? I knew if I made the wrong choice, ALL WOULD BE LOST.

It started out simply enough. I made him match the color exactly to a blue that was in my head. But I didn't want it to be blue everywhere, of course. Just on the top half. The bottom had to be this special tan that was unlike any tan that had ever existed before. I had it specially mixed. Then, after it was on the wall, we realized that it was the same color as our living room paint, which we still have 5 gallons of. Yeah, that was a little embarassing.

Then I found tile that was the right shade of brown. I even found caulk that matched! John was so patient while I spent an hour choosing caulk! He knew that there was a huge difference between off white and bone, let me TELL you. He and my mom laid the tile over a weekend and I didn't cry when they had to lay it straight instead of diagonally, the way it was in my vision. I am very understanding, and I don't get upset when things don't go my way. (Wow, apparently I'm channeling Not Me Monday a day early. lol)

So while he was working on the room, I started working on the artwork I saw in my head. I ended up finding animal shapes and frames I liked, then using different fabrics to matte the homeade "prints." I wanted to use fabric to make it more textured. I used burlap. Did you know burlap can give you something very similar to paper cuts? Well, it can. But it was worth it. It was part of the VISION!

John was painting. I was torn. Did I want the ceiling to be white, or did I want it to be blue to match the walls? I had a very specific idea in mind, and if I screwed it up, obviously life would be over.

I also fell in love with a certain rug and I couldn't live without it. Luckily, my mom came through and got it for my shower, which occurred just 5 days before Seth was born. I am pretty sure he waited to be born because he didn't want to enter his room before it was PERFECTION.

Just as the room was getting finished, I had a burst of inspiration. The baseboards and chair rail looked amazing! I knew just what would make it perfect. CROWN MOLDING! Nevermind that John had never installed crown molding before, I had. to. have. it. Even though it was late at night we were on the way to Home Depot. Most pregnant gals get craving for pickles and ice cream, but not me! I apparently crave expensive, complicated home remodels.

Poor John. By the end of it, I think he was ready to leave me.

Finally, the room was finished. Here it is, for your viewing enjoyment, Seth's safari/zoo/serenity room.

This is a shelf just about his changing table/dresser. The Seth frame on the top was made by my bestest friend from highschool, and the photo in the Little Rock Star frame is of Ava, me (and Eli) the day before he died. It's kind of like his last picture. There is also a tiny scrapbook of thoughts for Seth from my shower, and my baby shower invite up there. And, of course, a stethoscope! Everyone's got one of those at home, right?

Here is a shot of the artwork I made for the walls. And Seth's legs in the crib. Well, I mean, his whole body is in there, not just his legs. But his legs are sticking up. You'll notice there are no crib bumpers...SIDS risk! And you save a ton of money when you don't buy the bedding sets. We have a breathable bumper, but I won't put it in, because it doesn't match.

Here is the rug! I think it's supposed to be a zebra. Over on the right, you'll see what Jace calls it's penis, but I think it's where the head would be. Don't worry, it's synthetic. I wouldn't put a real zebra rug in my kids room! Unless I had a vision about it, then I might.

Seth's mini chair and the curtains. Also, you can see the corner where I shoved all the clutter so I could take pictures of his room. Oops!

Here's a shot of his dresser/changing table and shelving. Ava made that cross in preschool two years ago and it has been in each house we've lived in. Aren't those baskets awesome? I heart them. My friend Shelley got them for me, because she's very cool.

Gratuitous crown molding shot. Because John spent so much sweat and so many tears on this, it's the first thing we show people when they come to our house. We run to the baby's room and say "John did that all by himself! What a big boy he is!" OK, not really. But sort of. Also, you'll note the blue ceiling. Some people think it's tackly to paint the ceiling. I find it cozy.

This is kind of washed out, but it says "Let Him Sleep, for when wakes, he will move mountains." I found it on clearance at Target (I am in love with Target, btw), and I had to buy it even though it meant I had less money to feed my kids with that week.

My friend Tonya got Seth this Zebra. Notice his leg...that's Seth's hospital bracelet. What a tiny guy he was! Next to that is the hand made baby shower says "heaven sent" on it.

This, believe it or not, is my favorite thing in Seth's room. My best friend Mara made it for Seth. It is several scriptures that we relied heavily on throughout his pregnancy that are personalized with his name. How awesome is that? She rocks.

So there's his room. Blood, sweat, and tears, y'all. The tears were mine, the blood and the sweat were John's. Although he might have cried some about what a demanding wife he had. Luckily, he loves me, and he puts up with me with a smile.

Ready for the punchline?

That picture you saw of him in the crib? That was the first time he'd been in his room for longer than 30 seconds.
I think it's funny. John...well, his sense of humor is not as well developed as mine.


Liz {Learning To Juggle} said...

I am in love with Seth's room!! Its amazing!!! The colors are perfect.
How exactly did you do the artwork. I would love to do something like that for the boys playroom that we are ever so slowly finishing (to meet my vision of course!!)

Debbie said...

The room is great. I love the colors. And my kids were never in their "nursery" either:)

Mommy3 said...

That room is awesome! I bet Seth will enjoy it someday when he's ready. Does he sleep in there now? Its a great room. You guys should be proud of doing it yourself.

Amanda said...

His room is awesome!!! You two did an amazing job! He'll love it when he's older!

Rachel said...

Love the room!!! I had to laugh daughter have a beutiful nursery as well and NEVER sleeps there either. :)

TAL said...

ha...great post and the room looks great.

I think it's very funny that you had a craving for crown molding and not the more traditional cravings, like pickles and ice cream. Too funny!!!

Hope you have a great new year and enjoy the new baby.

Anonymous said...
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