Friday, February 6, 2009

Steve the Fox

Our lovely deaf mentor was over this morning and since all the kids were actually paying attention to her, she decided to tell them a story. Seth was awake and paying lots of attention, Ava and Jace were actually being attentive and sitting quietly, and she sat and told them the story of Steve the fox. 

This is an illustration of why we never get to the end of stories in our house. 

DISCLAIMER: This story was told in ASL, so it was much better before I tried to type it out. =)

"Once upon a time there was a fox named Steve."

Steve? Why was his name Steve? Who named him Steve?

"Steve saw a bottle of milk sitting out on someone's porch and he drank it and fell asleep. An old woman came out and saw that Steve had drank all of her milk and she was upset."

Did she spank him? He should have gotten a spanking for that, right?

"Steve woke up and apologized for drinking the old woman's milk, but he didn't have any money to pay her back, so he promised to replace her milk."

So did he get a spanking or what?

"Steve walked and walked and walked, wondering how he could find milk to replace the milk he drank. Finally, he came upon a cow, who was looking for grass to eat. He asked the cow if he could have some milk, and the cow said yes, if only Steve would find him some grass to eat first."

Can I be the cow? I want to be the cow. If I'm the cow, I should take off my pants, because cow's do NOT wear clothes. 

"Steve agreed and went looking for grass. Finally, he found a patch of brown grass. He explained to the grass how he drank the old woman's milk and needed to replace it, and that he had found a cow who would give him milk if Steve brought him grass to eat. The grass agreed, on the condition that steve would water the grass to make it green so that the cow could eat it. "

The grass is ok with the cow eating it? That's crazy! I'm the grass, ok? I'm the grass, and I am NOT ok with a cow eating me! 

You have to be! I'm the cow and I am going to eat you whether you like it or not!

"Steve went searching for water to pour onto the grass so that it would become green. After he walked for a long time, he found a stream and told the stream his story. The stream offered him water, but Steve had nothing to carry the water in. He had to go find a jug."

Foxes don't even have hands. He can't carry a jug! How will he even get it to the grass? And how will he get the grass to the cow when the grass doesn't want to be eaten and how will he get the milk to the woman? This is taking so long she's probably not even THIRSTY anymore! 

I'm thirsty. We're going to get some milk. 

The story originaly went through several other animals and people to get everything Steve needed to get the old woman her milk. But as you can see, my kids are so insanely easy to distract that the main thing they took from the story was wanting milk. Weirdos. 


Mandy Hornbuckle said...

This is such a funny entry! Were your kids signing back to her? I can totally "see" the story in ASL being super-cute.

Julie said...

That's funny! Why are your kids so anxious to take their clothes off? LOL!

E @ Scottsville said...

Ha ha ha, that was an adorable post!!! Great job, El. =0)

Angela said...

So did they stay dressed? That is hilarious! Cute kids!

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