Friday, April 10, 2009

Princess Leia called. She'd like her hairstyle back.

Seth is having a rough day. As many of you rightly commented, plain old tylenol was not even beginning to do the trick for him, and he was in a lot of pain, had quite a bit of bleeding, and a couple of bloody noses. His head also decided it wanted to become immensely swollen in a way that was a bit shocking. Seth looks, vaguely, like Princess Leia would if she was was tended to on the battlefield. His pressure bandage is blood soaked in several spots, his has been scrabbling frantically at his ears and ripping up the gauze in a creative way, and the top of his head in swelling up and out of his bandages.

Most of those things are pretty normal, but they all combined to make Seth feel pretty darn bad today. His doctor asked to see him to make sure that everything was ok, and his opinion was that Seth, while looking like a very uncomfortable baby who was experiencing pain, he did not look like a sick, infection ridden baby, which is a good thing!

We did manage to get a prescription for a stronger pain killer for Seth, though, which seems to be helping him some. Our specific prayer request right now would be that Seth's temperature goes down. It has been creeping up over the course of the afternoon, and if it doesn't begin to get lower, we may end up back at the hospital, as he is flirting with the fever cutoff our doctor uses.

The other kids would like everyone in the world to know that they are bored our of their minds and that life is boring. Also, they're bored.


Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear that Seth is having such a rough time of it. I would have thought kids would fair better than Dylan did at 12 getting his implant. He was trying to play football the next day and took off the pressure bandage (I made him put it back on!) He is not really concerned at all about getting a second one, so I guess it didn't hurt him all that much. Maybe since Seth is so much smaller and there is a smaller space to work in. Either way, I am praying that quickly he will start to feel better and that he is back to his normal self in no time!


mrsrubly said...

god bless you little one. i am so happy that recovery and surgery went great. i am not so happy to see this cutie patootie in so much pain. i am happy that you guys got a prescript on some different pain med. poor baby! stil praying

Sew a Fine Seam said...

praying for Seth and for you! Glad things are mostly 'normal' but will be so glad to hear his pain is gone. It is so hard to see your children in pain and not be able to do anything about it.
Blessings, HE IS RISEN!

Mommy3 said...

Praying for Seth's pain to go away! It's so hard for us mommies to watch and comfort our children who are in pain but not be able to take the pain away! Praying for strength for you as you mother baby Seth during this time.

Unknown said...

prayers for everyone in your family this easter weekend.
wonderful weekend to be praying for this family of yours,. it just shows us what the lord can do.
love to you all.

Amy B said...

I am praying for the new medication to work.
I am so excited for the changes happening for sweet Seth.

Madison Sanders said...

I'm very glad they got him a stronger pain medicine.

Praying that all of you can get some rest.

Anonymous said...

Poor baby! I will keep ya'll in my prayers! ~Sarah~

E @ Scottsville said...

Poor little fella. =0(

We'll just keep on praying for him and you just keep lovin' on him and I know that he's going to be feeling great in a few days... just gotta get through this miserable part.

Imagine the look on his face when they turn those little babies on and he HEARS HIS MAMA'S VOICE!!! It'll all be so worth it!

Mandy Hornbuckle said...

HA!: Re: Your other kids are bored.

I mean, I'm not laughing AT them, I'm laughing at your writing.

Well, you know.

Liz {Learning To Juggle} said...

Poor little guy!! I will be continuing to pray for his comfort and healing tonight. I hope you are all able to rest peacefully.


Unknown said...

Oh Seth...we Praise our God that you are feeling better! We hope every minute from this point forward just gets easier and easier. And, as I read your other posts about his pain, I want you to know that your heartache FOR him was so clear. As hard as it is to watch our own children suffer, can you imagine how amazing Seth will feel when years down the road he can HEAR the story about his family and the sacrifices they made to give him this gift? What love he will surely realize at that moment, love above and beyond what he already knows so well. GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU!

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