Friday, July 31, 2009

15 weeks x 5

I did it! I took a 15 week picture, ratty hair, monochrome outfit, Vacation Bible School T-shirt and all. Yeah, I'm fashionable.

I thought it would be interesting to post a 15 week picture from all 5 kids. The quality on some of them are pretty bad...apparently, I was pregnant with Ava in the dark ages...that is, the dark ages before I had a digital camera. It's not pretty. I look about 12.

So without further ado, here you go!

15 weeks with Avelyn Monet in 2004. Aww, all A & F'd out.

15 weeks with Jace Robert in 2005. Apparently, chunky belts were still in.

15 weeks with Robert Elias in 2006. I liked that shirt...wonder what happened to it?

15 weeks with Seth Broderick in 2008. (No, I have no idea why I'm dorking out. I think Ava took the picture)

And finally...

15 weeks with Baby #5 in 2009, cheesy smile and all!

Whew. I'm really, really tired just looking at those pictures. There is no way it's only been 5 years...Man.
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