Sunday, July 12, 2009

"I think they call it Busch Gardens because it's wet."

Today was the first day since John moved out that he has been able to spend a whole day with the kids, and the kids pretty much dragged us both out of the house to Busch Gardens today. We have season passes as we live about 3o minutes from the attraction, so we go pretty regularly. I was a little nervous about going, but figured there was nothing like jumping right into this new situation.

It was...well, I won't say it was fun, but the kids had fun, and that was the important part today. They really, really needed a day of fun. I have not felt like even leaving the house this week, so they have spent a lot of time running circles in the living room while I felt sorry for myself on the couch. So getting out and about was very good for them. It was definitely super awkward for me's weird to be out with your husband after you know he doesn't want to be your husband anymore, you know? So, yeah, weird. But we're all still alive tonight, so I guess it was a success.

Here are some pictures from our day. I am beyond exhausted from schlepping all over the park in the humid, hot, hot heat, and cannot stop yawning. Ava won the balloon popping game fair and square...she beat me, John, and Jace and picked out a white tiger. I was actually a little upset that she beat me. I'm a bad loser. Then Jace became completely obsessed with the spiderman booth, and John had to beat a pretty much unbeatable game to win it for him. Thank goodness he did, or we would literally still be at Busch Gardens with a three year old having the biggest tantrum ever. We saw a 4-D movie that sprayed water on us at the end and Ava and Seth freaked out completely. I thought Ava was going to have a panic attach. I'll have to remember not to take her to see anything in 3-D. Halfway through she said "I just want to go home!"





On the way out of the park, Ava said "Wow, it is wet here! I bet that's why they call it Busch Gardens." Umm....okay, honey. Whatever you say.


Unknown said...

I think that's great that you guys all went out together, although it may have been difficult for you... you really are a strong woman!

Daniel (my second son) takes his glasses off everytime we go to see those 3D/4D shows. Heck even I freak out! hahaha!!!

Glad you got to get out of the house. Remember! You deserve to be happy too ;) Lots of prayers and tons of hugs!

Jessica said...

the pictures are adorable and I LOVE Busch Gardens--though had never thought of its title the way Ava did today;-)

Still praying for you guys...

Eva said...

Good for you for going along {much easier trying to rebuild a relationship that way}. Many people send the kids off with daddy Saturday and Sunday afternoon after a separation. I will pray for your hubby too.... you are all in my prayers.

Sassy said...

I think it's great you guys all went out together and I think that you are a stronger woman than I am for even agreeing to do it!

Sending hugs and prayers!


Sew a Fine Seam said...

I'm so glad you could still do this as a family even if John thinks he doesn't love you anymore.
Gives you the chance to be sweet and kind and respectful to him and remind him why he fell in love with you in the first place! I'm wearing my 'seth' bracelet again as a reminder to pray for you all day long. I'm storming heaven on Johns behalf too.
Lots of hugs,

Courtney said...

The kids look like thay had a great time. You proved that you are a strong person by not killing him! Stay strong!

Madison Sanders said...

I'm glad you got to get out. I'm sure the kids loved it.

Sonya said...

I love Jace's curls. I never noticed them before. I am so sorry that you all are going through this difficult time. I am praying for you.

Jennifer W. said...

It looks like everyone had a good time-although I notice you are absent from the pictures. I'm glad that the two off you are still doing things as a family. Maybe it will help John see what he will be losing if he continues down his chosen path. I will keep praying for all of you.

Rose said...

Wow, what a day, I can't imagine what that felt like, but I'm glad that the kids had fun. Seth looks oh so big in that picture.

We are about 25 minutes from Busch gardens, but we haven't been. A good friend of mine used to work there as the education director, so I need to drag her there sometime and get a play by play.

Hang in there, you are definitely in my prayers.

Taking Heart said...

I hope you get a chance to get out and take care of "you" once in a while. I was pregnant with my first son and separating from my husband, and I didn't care for myself well.

You are so sweet... be strong in the Lord. Don't compromise who you are for anyone... be who you are called to be, nurture who you were created to be. Rest in the Lord.

Praying you through.

Erin said...

I give you props . . your kids will look back and appreciate the effort you are putting forth and it will only make it easier for the children if you and your husband get put on happy faces when they are around.

Thinking about you!

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