Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Faces of Jace

Someone got a haircut! I can never decide what I like better...his shaggy hair or the way his eyes pop out at you when his hair is buzzed. Every time I cut it, I think it looks adorable but I almost immediately regret it. Luckily, it grows fast!


He's what you might call expressive. He was not sold on getting his hair cut. I had to promise him it would be exactly like Dino. hair. Not sure what Dino hair would be like, but his hair is super coarse, so maybe it would be kind of like his hair when it's buzzed!


His eyes used to be basically brown, but then he became obsessed with the color green, and I am pretty much convinced he willed his eyes to this shade of green/hazel. He has a very strong will. He could probably do it.

This is his serious look. Yes, he is wearing a t-shirt and boxers and nothing else. That's how we roll here. Truthfully, we're lucky he's wearing any clothes at all.


And then, the sun jumps out from behind the clouds. Jace's smile is infectious. His new hair cut makes him look like the almost 4 year old he is! He decided that for his birthday, he wants chocolate pudding, vanilla pudding, and cupcakes in superman wrappers. That sounds doable, Jace...thanks for keeping it real. He went shopping at the dollar tree yesterday, and he discovered the joys of the whoopee cushion. That is definitely a gift that Grandma let him pick out. Seriously.


Thank you for all your prayers for our friends. They got to take their little boy home today! What a blessing he is going to be to their family. I can't wait for Seth to meet his new friend!
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