Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Jasmine, wherefore art thou?

You know the Disney Store? I don't usually like to go there, because it is like crack to my kids. We can never escape without buying something. Usually something small that gets broken or lost within moments. But tonight I went while the kids were with their dad, so that I could try to track down a gift for Ava.

She collects these 12" stuffed Princesses from there, and she has a complete set. Almost. Jasmine has eluded her, until now. Tonight, I went in search of her for Ava's birthday, which is Monday. Last time we were there Jasmine's were exploding from the walls. It was all Jasmine all the time, and it was all I could do to drag Ava out of there without her.

I walked in, and the lone employee immediately attacked me. She was very excited about something, and she kept talking about Snow White coming out of the vault. I assumed she meant the movie, but she kept referring to Snow White as a "she", as in "She's coming out of the vault! You can get her for $24.95!" So now I'm a little curious about how a 73 year old cartoon character will handle life outside The Vault. Will she be able to modernize herself to fit into todays world? Do you think she'll figure out how to text? Shorten that skirt?

Anyway, I digress. Finally I made it past the "cast member" and then I started searching for Jasmine. Usually the princesses are next to their respective costumes, but not today. It took three circuits of the store to find them, and they were all mixed up. Cinderella was hanging out with Tinkerbell (who is actually not a princess, by the by. Does Disney think we're stupid?), and for some reason there were an inordinately large number of Mulan. Row after row of the doll Ava picked instead of Jasmine the last time she was allowed to choose one. If only I had pushed Jasmine on her that time, I would be triumphantly purchasing Mulan right now. Why did I let her choose Mulan? Oh yeah. I have issues with Jasmine's bare midriff. I steered her towards Mulan because she had all her clothes on. What is wrong with me???

I asked if there were more in back. Yes, but just of the ones that were already in front. Will they get more in? Yes, but they don't know which ones or when. Big fat fail. And wasted trip to the mall. But the bonus was I got to park in the expectant mother parking. You'll never believe who was parked next to me...a man in his forties. I contemplated tapping on his window and asking when he was due, maybe asking for a little ultrasound proof, but I was in a hurry.


Quick praise...Seth's Pulmonologist (what's the shortened term for them? Pulmo? Hmm.) called today to let me know that they managed to squeeze enough sweat out of one of Seth's samples from a couple of weeks ago and he is negative for Cystic Fibrosis! Praise God! One less thing to worry about.

However, I'd love it if you could pray for Seth tomorrow. He is going into the hospital to have his ear tubes replaced and have a bronchoscopy performed to try to figure out why the heck his airway is so narrow. Some of you may know that Seth doesn't love anesthesia. In fact, he tends to have pretty bad reactions to it and it's just never pretty. We appreciate your prayers!


Thanks for all the name ideas in the previous post! Since you've been so nice with your girl names, I'll share the boy names that didn't get dusted off this time around. Some of my favorite boy names are:

Koen (pronounced like Cohen)
and Jude.

At one point in time Finn, Luke, and Will were on that list too. I also love the name Liam, but I can't do names that end in M since our last names starts with M. I also have many other strange naming rules, but it would bore and possibly freak you out.

Hope everyone is having a great night!
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