Thursday, September 10, 2009

21 weeks!


I'm a day late taking and posting the weekly belly pic, but with the week I've had I am honestly amazed I did it at all! Here I am at 21 weeks. 6 shots down, 14 to go!

Apparently all your prayers to help fatten me up worked...I weighed in this week at 115, which is 6 pounds up from my beginning pregnancy weight. Thanks! I never thought I would be asking anyone to pray for me to gain weight or thanking them when I did, but...yeah. Thanks.

Baby Girl (Bindi, you know =P) is kicking up a fact, the kids and I are already able to watch her kicking from the outside. I don't remember being able to see movements on the outside this early before...this does not bode well for me. I think she's going to be a strong one!

At soccer tonight I had the chance to hang out with one of Seth's old NICU nurses. Her daughter and Ava play on the same team and it's been really great to be able to keep in touch with her. She told me that there's no way that this baby will cause as much trouble as all the boys did...she said in her experience, girls are never as much trouble as boys when it comes to NICU issues. Let's hope she's right!

I'm just so thankful for a relatively hassle free pregnancy thus far, aside from the known issues I have, and the fact that my anxiety has yet to rear it's ugly head. Subsequent pregnancies after still birth or probably any traumatic pregnancy event are really tough to go through. Sometimes I feel like there's no way I can bring a healthy baby home after everything we've been through...but the great thing is that while I still have these thoughts, they're not taking over my head.

I guess that's the silver lining to all of this...pregnancy issues seem much less important in the face of your husband leaving you and figuring out what you're doing with your life. The baby being a girl also really puts my mind at ease, even though it might not mean anything at all. In our family, our boys have had almost all the issues, and there it just feels less scary having a girl.

I think we're closing in on a to try to make the kids keep it a secret! I have a feeling that it would be a miracle. We'll see...

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