Thursday, September 10, 2009


I am about to run out the door to pick up Ava from school (After I wake up the two adorably sleeping boys here at home), and I can't believe it's not Friday! Man oh man, it needs to be the end of the week!

I had several comments about Jace's lunch bag...his back pack actually matches it and they are both incredibly adorable. In case you hadn't heard, he's into green. He got them both for Christmas last year from Gap Kids...this is actually carried them both to school since then and they have held up remarkably well! I'm not sure what animal they're meant to be...Maybe an Alligator? I think Jace thinks it's maybe a dinosaur though.

Today, I picked him up and he told me that he was really good today, except for that part of the day when he was not so good, which he didn't want to talk about. Every time I asked him what happened, he just said "You know what mom? It's over. Let's just let it go."

Yeah. Let's just let it go.

Seth had two therapies in a row for the first time this morning...we've always before only had him do one, as he gets so tired out, but with school going now, we had to consolidate. He did well! He has started doing great in Physical Therapy and is all over the place. He definitely has some issues with his ankles going on, and he'll be getting casted for braces soon to help him with his stability learning to walk. I guess that means we'll have to get him a pair of shoes.

Speech is going okay, but worse than it ever has. He is so busy now and he wants to be doing everything but listening and following directions. His expressive language has definitely taken a hit since he became mobile. The plus is that he's still doing really well with his receptive language and his comprehension...if you ask where an item is he'll find it, so he's definitely hearing and understanding, he's just blowing us all off and decided to follow his own play agenda lately.

The next few weeks are going to be crazy for us. We have school, soccer, and this weekend I promised the kids I would take them to Sea World (We have passes) for their birthdays instead of a party. Then next Saturday, there is a 5k in Orlando for Rhyan's Hope...Seth and Jillian are both going to be there so everyone can see the kids that have already benefitted from the organization. I had planned to run in it myself, but apparently I was all talk. Oh well.

Then, the weekend after that, we'll be attending the Florida Summit on Childhood Deafness...we were able to go last year soon after Seth was diagnosed and it was amazing. I am so excited to go this year.

Oh yeah. Jace's birthday falls somewhere in there, too. September is shaping up to be insane.

Speaking of insane, I've got to get running again to get Ava. Then come back and eat dinner. Then go to soccer. Then stick the kids in bed so we can do this all over again tomorrow.

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