Wednesday, September 9, 2009

School Days

We are officially two days into our school year. And I thought I was exhausted getting ready for school! As relaxing as it seems like it would be to have two kids off at school and just one baby to tend, for us, that has not proven to be the case. Ava and Jace attend two different school, about 10 minutes away from one another, if there's no traffic (and where I live, there is always traffic.) Their drop off times are slightly different, and Jace goes half days while Ava goes full days. That's a lot of words to say that it's a headache getting everyone where they need to be. But aren't they cute?


Our gameplan is to leave the house by 8. That gets us to Jace's school at 8:30, then Ava gets dropped off at 9:15. Then, depending on the day, Seth and I head to either an appointment for him or an appointment for me. Soon after, it's time to get Jace. Then, a couple of hours later, Ava. Yesterday we left our house at 8 and returned at 5. It was a long day. Long. Did I mention long?

Then, as soon as we got home, the kids ate and I unpacked their lunches just to immediately repack them. I am not used to doing this every day! Last year, we had a buffer day between school days where we could veg out and lay around. I miss it! This morning we were out of the house again at 8, but Mondays and Wednesdays are homeschool days for Ava, so after Jace got dropped off, we headed to the school to do her homeschooling. Yes. I know that sounds weird. It's a condition of the scholarship we received.

We returned home a little after 1 and we are all beat. Beat! So tired, as if we all just ran a marathon. Adjusting to school again is hard! Hard, I tell you. I wish I could say "But now it's the weekend, and we can recover..." but it's not. It's WEDNESDAY. We do it all again tomorrow, and then again the day after that! Man, I don't know if I am cut out for school five days a week. =)


On a good note, though, the kids both had great first days, and good second days as well. I'm sure they'll both freak out on someone by Friday, though...I think  it's a given for the first week of school. I'm sure it'll get easier though...I mean, we just have to make it to January, and then we'll have yet another baby to tote around all day long! Wait...that actually doesn't sound easier. Darn it.

Oh well. It's worth it to have my kids in two awesome schools. It would be easier to toss them in the closest public place for the whole day, but we have such an awesome community through their schools. It would take more than a little bone deep exhaustion to get me to give that up!
Speaking of, I'm going to throw Bolt in the Dvd player and see if I can catch a nap. I love naps. Except when they make me feel worse than I felt int the first place. Let's hope this one will be  refreshing.
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