Wednesday, October 14, 2009

26 weeks!


26 weeks! Can you believe it? I can't...I feel like it was just yesterday that we found out we were expecting another baby, and now she's well on her way to getting here! Just for fun, I found 26 week shots of my pregnancies with Jace and Eli (Ava's, once again, was pre digital, and once again I was too lazy to scan them.) Check out this impressive photography...


That's 26 weeks with Jace. Aren't you glad I've managed to figure out how to take self portraits that are actually in focus? I can't believe I even saved this picture like it was good enough to look at. But since I all get to see it, in all it's blurry glory. I carried Jace really weird, I think. He literally took up my entire rib cage. No fun.


Here is my pregnancy with Eli at 26 weeks. As you can see, I am thrilled about getting my picture taken. I hate that I am looking up and over in that weird way. But there it is. Carrying totally differently than Jace. I don't like this picture. Let's look at the current pregnancy again.


Ahh, that's better. At least when I'm taking my own pictures I can delete the bad ones before I post them. Although I just posted two bad ones from previous years, but that's ok. They were all I had to choose from.I don't think I'm carrying like any of my previous pregnancies this time. Weird. Apparently there's no limit to the ways you can carry a baby...just ask those ladies on "I didn't know I was pregnant." Or don't, because I just can't believe they didn't really know they were pregnant, so they might not be that reliable anyway.

Anyway, things are going okay this week. I got the official nod to start insulin yesterday, as, in my OB's words, "This just isn't working." The way he said it kind of scared me until he explained that he meant that it just doesn't make sense to try to balance trying to gain weight with trying to control my blood sugars, so it was time to bring insulin in. I asked about what being on insulin changed as far as delivery, as I vaguely remembered there being some issue last time around, and he said basically being insulin dependent just means more monitoring and induction by 38 weeks, but, in his words "We'll already be monitoring you all the time, and there's no way you'll get to 38 weeks, so you don't need to worry about that." He cracks me up. 38 weeks would be January 6th, but apparently he does not think that it will be Baby Girl's birthday.

This week during my ultrasound we saw a little arrhythmia when watching/listening to her heartbeat, but as we've learned over and over, when you go looking for something, you usually find it. This baby gets a lot of ultrasounds, which means a lot more chances to find things that are not typical. I go back to the perinatologist  soon, so he'll make sure and let them know what he saw so they can check it out.

Other than that, everything's just moving right along! We do have a name chosen, but we normally keep it a secret. Maybe I'll just see if you all can guess it. That wouldn't count as telling, right? =) Then again, I don't think anyone would guess it, so we're probably stuck anyway. But if you corner Ava and convince her you're immediate family, you could probably get her to tell you! She and Jace say anyone who is in your heart is in your family, and apparently Jace met someone at the Playplace this week that he liked enough that they were "in his heart" so just about anyone can be in our family, it looks like. Kind of a big loophole, there.

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