Tuesday, October 13, 2009

But it's important!

I just had to put my daughter to bed without dinner. Well, not quite...I gave her dinner in bed, but didn't let her out. It may have been a badly devised idea, since she promptly spilled yogurt on her pillow. Note to self: there's a reason prisoners were only given bread and water.

She got a time-out for saying "butt" again, and while she was in her room she painted her fingernails and then blatantly lied about it even as I held her freshly nail polished fingers up in front of her face. She had NO IDEA how it happened! So she got sent to her room until dinner. But of course, she couldn't just go quietly...she pitched a monster fit that resulted in her ninja kicking the baby gate down onto her baby brother, so that punishment promptly got upgraded to going to bed for the night, period the end.

She keeps coming out and screaming my name, and when I preemptively say "no", she tells me she has something very, very important to tell me. What? Well, she's not quite sure. She's scared. Her arm hurts. Red is her favorite color. Once she met someone named Andrew. She can't breathe. It's called stalling, and she's really, really good at it.

Yeah, it's been a barrel of laughs around here tonight.


Did you guys know that October marks Profoundly Seth's one year anniversary?! Probably not, since I didn't realize that until, oh...today. I've blogged for a long time, but Profoundly Seth itself came into being last October soon after Seth was diagnosed with profound hearing loss. What a year it's been, huh? In honor of that and the fact that October is also National Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day, I'm feeling the urge to do a giveaway, which we haven't done in a very long time! So stay tuned...do you know what date the Remembrance Day falls on? Hint: I posted about it last year, too. Or you could just, you know, google it. Anyway, on that day, I'm going to do a giveaway. You'll like it. I promise. So figure out what day it is, and come here then. Cool? Cool.


Did you guys see that the Divine Caroline awards are coming around again? I love checking out all the nominees...they're always blogs that I've never heard of and I have a lot of fun nosing around checking them all out. Or some of them out. You know, as time allows. I think it's really cool that it's a viewer's choice type thing, and I love finding even more people who feel like friends even though they're strangers and would probably be kind of freaked out in real life. Also known as more cool blogs to read. In my spare time. Hah! Anyway, check them out. Maybe you'll find a new best friend, or a blog to vote for!


So Seth can read now. It's freaking hilarious. He opens a book and just jabbers away like he's reading it and he yells...loudly...at anyone who tries to take his book away and actually, you know, read it. The weirdest thing is that he's just as into grown up books and reading them as he is into picture books...maybe more so. He's also a fan of the laptop. A big fan. A dangerously big fan.


So Jace and I met my friend Lorena and his friend/girlfriend/future wife Sara for lunch today after preschool. Jace has been so into school this year that he hasn't talked about Sara as much as usual, so I wasn't sure where they stood, if you will. We pulled into the parking lot (of McDonalds, of course), and they were just crossing in front of us to go inside. Jace shouted "Sara!" and started waving, and then, with all my windows rolled up, the air conditioning blasting, and the radio on, we heard a ear splitting, bat sonar like sound. "Jace! Jacie! Jaciiiiieeeee!" Jace looked shocked, and said "I can hear her from inside the car!" Um, yeah. I'm pretty sure everyone in Florida heard her. Then, we got out of the car and as I was getting Seth, I saw Jace walk up to hug Sara and Sara lay a serious right on the smacker kiss on Jace. It was for real. Kind of intense. So apparently, they're still on. And apparently the girls in that family like the boys in our family, because a little later we totally caught Sophie, Sara's younger sister, loving on Seth. They're maneaters!


This very disjointed and random post was brought to you by the letter C. As in Crazy. Crazy children who don't give you five seconds to actually think before you have to throw your thoughts haphazardly into a blog before you forget them. Yes. C.
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