Wednesday, October 21, 2009

27 Weeks!


Whew! 27 weeks! Baby Bindi (*not her real name!) is doing well, although her stubborn streak is only getting wider. Once again she wouldn't let us get any good pictures this week. My OB spent a good 25 minutes just trying to get a shot of her. She might have thrown him the finger once or twice. She apparently doesn't want anyone to know what she looks like until she's here!

As for me, I'm getting tired. Uncomfortable. Heart Burny. Oh wait, did you say those things are supposed to start happening in the third trimester? Well, I'm right on time. I have felt great throughout this pregnancy, to the point that I actually forgot I was pregnant a few times. Not now. No matter what I eat, I get insanely bad heartburn in the late afternoon and through the night. By morning it's gone, but it makes it really hard to eat as nothing ever sounds good because I know I'll feel terrible. I get tired walking. I can't take deep breaths. Doesn't pregnancy sound fun???

I think I've gained about 15 pounds or so now, give or take. My clothes still fit, so I haven't had to break out the maternity stuff, which is good because I a) have hardly any of it and b) it's all tank tops because of all the summer babies and c) it's in the attic, and you could not pay me enough money to go up there and risk the bugs or other things that are probably up there.

I started insulin last week, so now I have a little more freedom about what I eat, although that would be a lot cooler if I actually felt like eating anything. I mean, I imagine eating things that sound good, but the repercussions of actually eating them are not very fun. The p17 shots are moving right along...Just 8 more to go, I think.

The kids are super excited about their sister, but they're already looking beyond her and asking how many more babies we "get" to have in our family. I guess it's a good thing that they think new babies are a good thing, but Jace apparently wants enough siblings for his own basketball team. They call her by name all of the time, and ask how she's doing every day. It's hilarious. They're such sweet kids. Ava is very concerned about being at the hospital when she is born...she was there for Seth's birth and she's not thrilled that I told her she may be staying home this time. I feel for her...she's worried that if the baby dies, she won't get a chance to see and hold her, so she wants to be there. I wish that didn't have to be a reality for her.

I've been hearing some cool ideas about giving hints on the name and I might do that...I really want to tell, sort of, but it really would ruin the only surprise I've got! Hmm. We told my Grandmother the other day and her reaction was interesting...not really sure if she likes it or not. Good reason not to tell, I one can make you reconsider!

OK, I just have to say that the baby on Days of Our Lives that plays Sidney just makes my ovaries burst. Not sure why, but I love her. She is so serious and cute. That was off topic, I know.
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