Friday, October 2, 2009

Bullet Points

Just home from a perinatologist appointment and about to run out the door to get Jace from school. My brain is too fried to form a coherent post right now, so you get a bullet list! Fun, I know.

  • Baby girl is definitely a girl! She let us get another good view today so we finally have confirmation. Ava will be so relieved.
  • My van is still making a weird sound. It improved after I got the oil changed, but now it's bad again. Yes, "weird sound" is as technical as I can get.
  • Seth is feeding his lunch to the dogs right now and thinks it is HILARIOUS. I'm guessing he probably won't think it's so funny in an hour when he's starving.
  • This morning I told Jace "Have a Good Day!" when he got out of the car at school. He answered "I will, as long as no one gets sand in my shoes. That would make my day very bad." Well, yeah.
  • I would like to know how when I sweep and mop my wood floors every day, I come home and they are dusty again. Is there a dust fairy? Don't get dark wood floors, they make you crazy.
  • Is anyone else having trouble staying into Grey's Anatomy? I just can't seem to make myself care anymore now that they blew George off completely.
  • Soccer may not be Ava's sport. She's hurt herself twice now, although there's never been a mark. And sometimes the foot she "hurt" changes.
  • After a full day of running around doing drop offs and pick ups, I am actually sore from sitting in my van for most of the day. How pathetic is that?

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