Friday, October 2, 2009

Monogramming, Crazy Kids, and share a blog.

I keep meaning to post these pictures of Seth wearing a belated birthday gift from his sweet friend, Sullivan. Sullivan's mom, Sarah, and I became friends when she emailed me relatively soon after her Sully was diagnosed with Auditory Neuropathy. Her family is adorable and Sullivan is one of the cutest little guys ever. I finally managed to get pictures of Seth wearing his outfit without dirt or food on it, and wanted to get them up. Thanks, Rogers family! You guys rock. Sullivan is the King of Monograms, and it was Seth has enjoyed getting a taste of the monogrammed life. =)



Speaking of this little monster, he is cutting three molars right now. Yes, that makes him a lot of fun to be around. There were three different times today he did nothing but sit in my lap and howl pathetically. Molars are no fun! He managed to recover a bit tonight, though, and "read" me one of Ava's BOB books. He pointed exuberantly at every picture and went on and on about something or recognizable words, except for "Puppy" (there was a dog in the book), but a whole lot of feeling and inflection! Then he hung upside down on the couch for a while and waved at things upside down. He's entertaining, to say the least.

He has been throwing us for loops in therapy, and has been really difficult to pin down and work with. He is all about climbing and standing, all the time. If I can work some listening or talking exercises into a quick cruise down the couch, we're all good. Otherwise, we don't get far these days.

But, bonus...he can hold a snack container and feed himself from it! At my perinatologist appointment today I handed him some fruit snacks in desperation so the tech could finish my ultrasound, thinking he'd just toss them all over the floor, but he held the package very neatly and ate right out of it with the other hand! How civilized! Of course, when he finished he did pull his CIs off and stuff them in the fruit snack bag. But that required pretty good fine motor skills, so I'm okay with it.


Both kids have now come out of their room to tell me "something very important." Of course, by the time they get out here to tell me, they had both forgotten what it was they needed to tell me so badly. So they made something up. And then they found a tiny spider and had to go on a spider hunt and then while on the spider hunt they got distracted by one of Seth's toys and then they both had to use the bathroom again. Of course. It was actually pretty masterful...all in all, they scored about 30 minutes out of bed.


So all week long, our local Christian radio station has been having their annual share-a-thon. I usually try to listen to another station off and on so we can still hear music, but I always find myself back listening to the fundraising. The way they set up their goals every hour is ingenious. There is not a day that I didn't end up totally invested in whether or not whoever was going to get whatever donations in time to fill in the blank. And they always seem to make the goals! Sometimes I wonder if they really make the goals or if they know how invested people get and don't want to let them down and tell them that no one came through. That would be sad. So I hope all the hype is real and that every goal is really met in the last ten seconds.

I've had several blog friends either stop writing or just get crazy busy lately, and I think I'm in a blog reading rut! I have my old faithfuls that I read daily, but I need some new blood. Do you have a blog? Leave the address for me in a comment, even if you have before. I'd love them all in one place so I can explore all of your blogs and get to know you better. If you don't have a blog, do you have a favorite? We can all use help finding a fun new to us blog to read sometimes, so please post it in the comments!
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