Monday, October 26, 2009

Hanging with Mickey

The kids were super excited about their trip to the Magic Kingdom. Ava insisted on a photo op in front of these pumpkins, which, she said, were much better than the pumpkins we carved because they won't rot. It's true...our pumpkins are already a black, moldy mess on our porch. Florida sucks sometimes. Also...the cold snap is over, if you couldn't tell.


Ava and Jace were big old fans of the 3-D glasses for Mickey's Philharmagic. Seth was also a huge fan...he put his on about fifty times and snapped them in two before the show even started. Every time he got them onto his face, he would bounce up and down excitedly then rip them off, and do it all over again. It was lots of fun, especially the first twenty times.



Jace was crazy about this elephant. He was convinced if he could somehow get up high enough, he could ride on it's back. I had to discourage that, seeing as it's a big shrub. He wasn't impressed.


This is Ava and Jace on the way into Snow White's Scary Adventure. That's why Ava looks a little manic...she was giving me a running commentary on all the scary things that were about to happen. I love how Seth looks like such a big boy hanging onto the bar.


All three kids got their very first pairs of Mickey Ears...if you can't tell, they chose and assembled them on their own. That's why they're ugly. Or unique. Whichever. If you know me you know it was a big leap for me to let them pick whatever they wanted without guiding their choices. The green ears glow in the dark, which they thought was the coolest thing in the entire world. And no, I don't know why Jace is being weird and grabbing his shorts. They were jumping up and down, he's a boy, I don't know. Weird.


But really, can you believe how big this boy is getting? He had the time of his life at Disney and he's just so cute I totally want to go wake him up right now just to cuddle with him. I won't, but I want to.

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