Wednesday, October 28, 2009


My great friend Lindsey (Ava's godmother) left today, after a whirlwind few days of fun. Of course, by fun, I mean "dragging Linds along with me and the kids as we go about our insanely hectic schedule." She was very sweet about it, though, although there's a good chance she's at home right now telling her husband to put the baby plans on hold for a little bit longer after being subjected to my kids for days.

All joking aside, we had a great visit, with lots of stories read by Aunt Windsey, silly jokes and watching movies, and, as always when any member of JELKS (my highschool club...very exclusive and super cool) is around, lots and LOTS of loud, loud laughter. When I am with them, everything is funny. Literally. Even things that have never been funny before and will never be funny again. I could give you examples, wouldn't think they were funny. Believe me, they were. Hilarious.

Lindsey also got the pleasure of coming along to an OB appointment with me and holding Seth, who vehemently objected to being separated from his mother. He is going to have a big adjustment to make. Big. Huge. He is a spoiled little boy. At my appointment, a couple of issues came up, so we did a non-stress test while there, during which Seth insisted on laying on my belly the entire time and waving irritably at the monitor. Apparently the baby's heartbeat was annoying him. But how cool that he could hear the heartbeat well enough to be annoyed by it!

I had to go back to the OB today for another non stress test, and for now, everything is looking fine. It looks like it's time to up my quality time with Dr. G, though. I guess I knew it was coming...visiting once a week was frequent but doable, but adjusting to multiple visits in a week is going to be really tough with our schedule.

I'm just tired. I can't currently see my ankles due to swelling, and my legs hurt. I have yet to take a picture for this week because that would take effort. I want a nap about 9 am every morning. Out of nowhere I feel really, really pregnant. I feel cranky and short tempered, and very complainy. I feel fairly certain that I would be comfortable with camping out on the couch watching Days of Our Lives for the remainder of this pregnancy. Of course, that's just how I feel today...I'm hoping for a new burst of energy soon.

Anyway, this is a pointless post mainly to say that I'm tired and behind. If you have emailed me recently, I am working on it. I am way behind on answering emails and I promise, I will get there soon. Also, I am going to respond to the carseat questions on one of the last posts...I didn't forget you!
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